Base with active Defense Matrix

The Defense Matrix is the term for the impassible shield that surrounds a base that has been sufficiently damaged. It is totally impenetrable and cannot be destroyed or bypassed except by VEGA Siege fleets or Alien fleets, but is only temporary.

This technology was developed by the VEGA Federation for the miners, and because of this, they can bypass the shield entirely, as well as guard fleets.


When 25% of a base's total cumulative health has been lost, the matrix will raise and last for 2 hours. At 50%, the matrix will last for 12 hours. If the base sustains 75% damage, the resulting matrix will last for 24 hours.

The matrix will, however, drop if the player whose base is protected attacks another player's fleet or base. It will not drop if another player attacks your fleet or if you attack an NPC fleet of any type, meaning resource harvesting is still possible.

Additionally, a defense matrix can be purchased by spending coins, albeit with a cooldown.


  • There's an negatively associated stigma with defence matrix and are often mockingly called a bubble. Almost no player refers to them as defense matrix.