The Damocles Destroyer is an essential part of VEGA's military doctrine. The raw firepower of massed artillery is used to break through enemy lines.
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The Damocles destroyer is a high level, tier five Demon Corps hull. It was available in the event Search and Destroy it also returned as a prize in the Resurrection event. Like other Demon Corps Hulls, it is a very powerful and versatile ship in PVP combat.

Having the same basic characteristics as the Lance destroyer, the Damocles destroyer still has better specifications, and has a weapon weight reduction bonus, unlike its rival.


Like typical destroyers, they are a very versatile ship, particularly in PvP. They should engage the enemy from maximum range, and attempt to remain out of enemy firing ranges for as long as possible.

The Damocles destroyer is not very durable, but when combined with an agility field or phased shifter Field and high damage weapons with long range, they are incredibly deadly ships. The are formidable even as a basic MK I, and many pilots often will run from your fleet rather than engaging for fear of defeat.


Combined with an agility field or phased shifter field and high damage weapons with long range they are deadly even as MK I. Many players often will run from your fleet as engaging Damocles destroyers can result in swift death. Damocles destroyers are very powerful in base incursions, featuring plenty of mass for the heaviest weapons, armor and shields.

The Damocles destroyer is the successor to the Lance destroyer, and superior in very minor extent compared to the Iron Star Company variant Machete destroyer. It has high damage, stats, and superior weight conservation.

Like all other hulls, the Damocles destroyer should be upgraded to at least MK IV+ for maximum potential. MK V Damocles Destroyers are far superior to MK I Damocles Destroyers, with reduced weapon weight, extra room for equipment, and bonus damage to cruisers. At MK V, the firepower as well as bonus damage allows it to annihilate cruisers terrifyingly quickly, despite cruiser's bonus armor points, extra armor, and additional shield slots.

Like every destroyer tier four and above, they are also versatile. They are deadly to cruisers and effective against battleships, cutters, other destroyers, and even frigates that haven't had significant upgrades through the crafting system. They can fight almost everything in PVP battles.

Unlike every destroyer seen so far, the Damocles destroyer on MK III-V has extra much mass, as even equipping the heaviest weapons and equipment possible, they still have roughly 3,000 mass remaining vacant. This extraneous weight is a result of high weapons weight reductions and low number of slots for weapons, armor, and utilities in general in comparison with other ship types.

Destroyers have fewer armor slots and a higher concentration of mass focused on weapons, this results in a lower repair time then other hulls.

Being part of the Demon corps faction, they are able to equip Demon Corps exclusive equipment such as the armored thruster and Infernal Wave drivers for overwhelming firepower.

A fleet of MK V Damocles destroyers is considered a top level fleet, versatile in PVP battles and very effective in large clashes of strong alliances.


The Damocles destroyer are not very durable compared to other ship types.

The Damocles destroyer is superior in its class as a destroyer, but like all destroyers, they can be easily destroyed by high level, MK IV+ frigates or the Python Cutter. These ships have bonus damage to destroyers or have high enough speed to negate the range advantage Destroyers have.

They also are quite slow, they are not made for pursuing enemies this also hurts as the Damocles has lengthy and costly build times.

Like other Demon Corps hulls, obtaining crafting resources for the Damocles destroyer is extremely difficult, supply run fleets dropping needed materials are difficult to defeat.

The Damocles destroyer is not all powerful, and illusions of its apparent power lead some players to make unwise combat decisions.


Damocles 3

MK V Damocles destroyers with Impulse beams.

Common weapons are Aurora rays, Infernal Gatling rays, Echo rays and Impulse beams. Focused optics V are essential weapon boosters on the Damocles destroyer. For basing, common weapons are the Siege driver, Impulse beam, Infernal Wave driver, Archer beam or the Arc missiles.

Most players equip Metaphase III shields, however, if you can take advantage of recharging shields, they can be superior options.

A variety of weapons can be used to destroy bases very effectively. As of now, base defenses are under powered when it comes to defending themselves against fleets at high levels. Remember, upgrade Damocles destroyers to MK V to be most effective in combat.

Arc missiles are ideal for ravaging compact bases, their spread and splash damage can attack multiple combat modules at once.

Impulse beams are extremely powerful, and can destroy the strongest Combat Modules in one or two shots. Impulse beams lack range and will place your Damocles destroyers in risky positions close to SICO missile turrets or Storm driver turrets.

Archer beams are also ideal, like Impulse beams but slightly more range for out ranging medium range turrets, at the expense of DPS.

Siege drivers feature some of the highest ranges, they can out range SICO missiles turrets and deliver damage in powerful blows. A downside is that Siege drivers are incredibly heavy and have slow projectile speeds. Players often equip Iridium magnets II if they have enough mass.

usage by vega

While the Demon Corps frequently prefer to use brute force in their assaults, they have utilized Damocles Destroyers very often during base assaults, and occasionally during fleet v fleet combat.

Damocles Destroyers have been frequently seen utilizing Neutron Drivers, and they have caused widespread damage to Rebel bases, as well as massive damage to any ship that was foolish enough to enter its firing range.

Damocles Destroyers have also been sighted occasionally armed with Archer Beam and Arrestor Beams, finishing off targets that other Demon Corps ships have managed to weaken.

The Damocles was first sighted accompanying Demon Corps Vandal event fleets in Search and Destroy, and have since appeared in almost every base attacking fleet in following events. They have also appeared in the Alert fleets patrolling sectors alongside Vsec, as well as in the Escort, Suspicious Cargo and Reclaimer fleets during Alien Decimation.

Blueprints were first made available during Search and Destroy, after the rebels obtained enough intel from destroying the Vandal Fleets, and then made available again during Redemption, courtesy of Larus.


  • The Damocles destroyer was thought to have four Weapon slots at Mk I but due to balancing it was changed to three.
  • The Damocles destroyer is the opposite of a Machete destroyer having less repair time and armor while dealing more damage
  • The Damocles destroyer is the second destroyer to have a modifier straight out of the factory, the first one being the Machete destroyer.
  • The Damocles destroyer's name is a reference to the Sword of Damocles, making it the third most consistently named hull category in the game, after the cutters and corvettes.
  • When the Damocles destroyer is about to enter weapon range, the front bay doors will open sideways, revealing a bright red weapons bay.