The Creeper Torpedo Turret is a powerful base Explosive weapon that deploys slow moving torpedos with a proximity-triggered detonation
  — In-Game Description 
Creeper Torpedo Turret I II III
Blueprint Fragments 4 Pieces 5 Pieces 6 Pieces
Blueprint Tier VSec Tier I VSec Tier II VSec Tier III
Mass  420t 784t 1,701t
DPS  96 132 195
Range 3,500 - 7,600 m
Projectile Speed 300 m/s
AoE Radius 700 m/s
Spread 45 deg
Sound Effect
Weap fire creeper l1 01
Weap fire creeper l1 02
Weap fire creeper l1 03
Time 7h 40m 48s 15h 21m 36s 23h 2m 24s
Mineral Ore 3,372,908 7,176,015 10,764,023
Antimatter 843,227 2,392,006 3,588,007
Time 0s 0s 0s

Creeper Torpedo Turret I, II, and III, Respectively


The Creeper Torpedo Turret is an explosive weapon that can be obtained from level 27-35 VSec fleets as a blueprint. It is a counterpart to Creeper torpedo.

They fire orange/red orbs that travel very slowly towards their target. They are relatively rare to be seen in use.


Creeper torpedo turrets are oriented for medium/long range combat. Because of their low speed and wide spread, Creeper torpedo turrets tend to fill a large area with these slow moving torpedoes gradually. They have a very large blast radius, this combined with the weapon's spread, it creates a makeshift minefield. It always fires torpedoes in volleys of three, with one to the far left, one to the far right and one at the very centre of its firing lane aiming at a target ship.

Low level variants are highly mass efficient, they are effective for mid level destroyer fleets, with level I Creeper torpedo turrets only being 420 tonnes, and having 96 DPS, more than Thermal ray turret V. Their large spread and angled firing lane gives it a rather high chance of landing its torpedoes on destroyers even if they are firing at decoy ships attempting to draw away fire. It has rather low range, but it cannot be out ranged by any ship weapon with the exception of the precise Gauss driver equipped on destroyers.

Creeper torpedoes are very slow and takes a significant amount of time to actually reach their targets. They have a minimal firing range making them unsuitable against blitz attacks and given how spread out their torpedoes are, their damage output is highly diluted as many torpedoes would miss. Because of these disadvantages, they are rather uncommon.

They are very effective at destroying incoming squadrons. A trait shared by its ship weapon variant.


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