Creeper Torpedo   Creeper Torpedo Turret

The Creeper Torpedo is a powerful ship Explosive weapon that deploys slow moving torpedoes with a proximity-triggered detonation.
  — In-game description 
Creeper Torpedo I II III
Mass 461t 649t 963t
DPS 35 43 54
DPV 245 301 378
Range 2,500-4,350 m
Projectile Speed 200 m/s
AoE Radius 700 m
Spread 90 deg
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 0.0 / R: 7.0 / N: 1
Sound Effect
Weap fire creeper l1 01
Weap fire creeper l1 02
Weap fire creeper l1 03
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Farming Tier VEGA Tier II/III VEGA Tier III/IV VEGA Tier IV/V
Fragments 4 5 6
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Uprising (Store, Level II Only),
Espionage (Store),
Riot (Store),
Special Event (Store)
Arms Lab Required IV VI VIII
Time 53m 00s 2h 20m 30s 4h 39m 30s
Helium-3 1,062,169 2,694,968 5,483,550
Antimatter 187,442 898,323 1,827,850
Creeper Ship 1+2+3

Creeper Torpedo I, II, and III, Respectively


Suppress enemy fleets with the Creeper Torpedo.
  — Event Store 
Creeper 3-0

Explosive spread and radius of Creeper Torpedoes enhanced with Volatile Fuel

The Creeper Torpedo is a mine layer-like weapon. It was developed by VEGA Mining who curiously do not use this weapon at all.

It deploys slow moving, orange/red, orb shaped bombs that explode if ships stray too close and come into contact with the torpedo itself. This weapon was first obtainable during Uprising, Espionage, and Riot events throughout 2015 and 2016 and was finally added as a blueprint that can be obtained by defeating VEGA Cargo Fleets.

Strategy and Setup


Creeper torpedoes have very high splash damage, the highest default splash damage in the game as of now and would certainly damage entire groups of ships.

This high splash damage and overall massive spread of the Creeper Torpedo makes it a ideal rush weapon for bases if the Manifold Missile is not unlocked yet, its high spread and AoE will decimate almost every module in the base very quickly.

Creeper torpedoes are extremely effective at destroying squadrons. They are frequently equipped on decoy cruisers to destroy incoming squadrons. When paired with Volatile Fuel the massive speed and AoE of the Creeper Torpedo will decimate almost any squadron coming in its way.


Creeper Torpedoes, even with Volatile Fuel are never recommended to go into combat. The creepers are simply to slow to reach enemy hulls attacking you and even with Volatile Fuel that struggle to hit targets with their massive spread and minimal range.

Creeper torpedoes are also extremely heavy, lower tier hulls like VEGA Security Hulls will be stretched out on mass considerably as the added specials and overall weight of other equipment will be hard to balance out.

It also is easily replaced later on by the Manifold Missile. The Manifold is overall much better at destroying squadrons and is a devastating FvF weapon aswell.


Cruisers, Cutters, or sometimes battleships are the perfect hulls for base attacks, try to mark up your hulls and have the highest massed tier of the class equipped with the Creeper Torpedo. When attacking spread out your hulls and try to keep your hulls alive as long as possible.

Since Alien Hive fleets do not exist anymore this setup is null, but when they existed a popular strategy was to have 5 battleships with Creeper Torpedoes and Volatile Fuel and use carriers to destroy the hives.



  • Curiously, the first version released was the Level II version , added in Uprising, but levels I and III were added in Espionage and were featured in a riot.
  • Creeper torpedoes have a proximity fuse, making them explode before they hit their target. They were the first Explosive weapon to have that feature, the other one being the Brimstone Torpedo.

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