The Creeper Torpedo is a powerful ship Explosive weapon that deploys slow moving torpedoes with a proximity-triggered detonation
  — In-game description 
Creeper Torpedo I II III
Mass 461t 649t 963t
DPS 35 43 54
Range 2,500m-4,350m
Projectile Speed 200 m/s
AoE Radius 700 m
Spread 90 deg
Sound Effect
Weap fire creeper l1 01
Weap fire creeper l1 02
Weap fire creeper l1 03
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Uprising, Espionage and Riot 5)
Arms Lab Required IV VI VIII
Data Cores/Intel Required 50,000 250,000 750,000
Creeper Ship 1+2

Creeper Torpedo I, II, and III, Respectively


Suppress enemy fleets with the Creeper Torpedo.
  — Event Store 
Creeper 3-0

Explosive spread and radius of Creeper Torpedoes enhanced with Volatile Fuel

The Creeper Torpedo is a mine layer-like, explosive type weapon. It was developed by the VEGA Corporation who curiously do not use this weapon at all.

It deploys slow moving, orange/red, orb shaped bombs that explode if ships stray too close and come into contact with the torpedo itself. This weapon was first obtainable during Uprising and Espionage, returned from time to time on riot events throughout 2015 and 2016 and was finally added as a blueprint that can be obtained by defeating level 27-45 VEGA cargo fleets or level 50-55 VEGA elite fleets.

Strategy and SetupEdit

Advantages: Edit

Creeper torpedoes have very high splash damage, the highest default splash damage in the game as of now and would certainly damage entire groups of ships.

They are ideal in base combat, particularly destroyed bases that cluster their combat modules close together. Players often equip their cruisers with Creeper torpedoes and attack bases with such a formation, the resulting collateral damage can potentially destroying even the highest level bases around.

Creeper torpedoes are rather effective at destroying squadrons. They are frequently equipped on decoy cruisers to destroy incoming squadrons. In addition, they are exceptionally good at destroying swarms of fighters launched from Alien Hives - even a large number of MK III Venom battleships equipped with Creeper torpedoes actually stand a chance of defeating such fleets.

Combined with volatile fuel, the Creeper torpedoes' main drawback, their extremely slow speed, is completely eliminated, as they can fly at 1,960 m/s with volatile fuel III, nearly as fast as a Gladius driver shot, and a still impressive 1,420 m/s with volatile fuel I, faster than Hydra missiles, making them effective at obliterating fleets, and they boost their already immense splash radius to an utterly amazing 1,100 meters, potentially tearing whole bases.

Disadvantages: Edit

It is highly advised you don't use these in fleet vs. fleet combat without volatile fuel. They have an extremely high spread and low projectile speed. They have highest amount of projectile spread in the game and will often miss its target by a long shot. They cannot reliably attack ships that are not even moving.

To stress it, don't use them in fleet vs fleet combat unless you are very certain you know what you are doing or have volatile fuel and a weapon that can inflict stasis effect, like Arrestor beams or NET torpedoes.

Creeper torpedoes are frequently not at all effective at attacking bases that spread out their modules, though with some distributions they are still useful. Also, due to people occasionally spreading out their bases, this is normally not an issue.

Creeper torpedoes are somewhat heavy, particularly if you equip weapon boosters on them. This makes volatile fuel a double-edged sword, increasing their weight up to a massive 1,454 t when used with Creeper torpodoes III and volatile fuel III, limiting the amount of ships that can carry this highly lethal combination and a full compliment of six to a MK V Zeal battleship, the Vigilante battleship, and the Hellfire battleship.

Six of those combined weight 8,724 t, which is nearly as much as the max weight of a MK III Zeal battleship. With the maximum of eight that a Hellfire battleship can equip, the total weight would be 11,603 t if the Hellfire battleship didn't have a 20% weapon mass reduction, which reduces the mass to a more acceptable 9,306 t. Still, there would be many other alternatives that are better.


  • Curiously, the first version released was the Level II version , added in Uprising, but levels I and III were added in Espionage and were featured in a riot.
  • Creeper torpedoes have a proximity fuse, making them explode before they hit their target. They were the first Explosive weapon to have that feature, the other one being the Brimstone Torpedo.


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