The workshop is a module that is capable of upgrading ships to mark II and III, and eventually to mark V with the required resources that are obtainable from VEGA fleets.

It was released on October 13, 2015. It is also the first module to have a level cap of eight. Normally the level cap is ten for regular modules and five for the Bridge.

Players often do not equip any defences on the module to keep the repair time on the module low when it is destroyed.


Level Health Max  Comp Slot Config Mineral Ore Antimatter Time Collateral Dam Bridge lvl Other Requirements
I 76 100 +Armor 0 19
II 108 140 - 5,775 6m 25s 27
III 152 200 18,525 20m 35s 38
IV 214 280 +Shield 80 IV Ship Factory VII
V 303 390 - 190,740 3h 31m 56s 114 V Ship Factory IX
VI 427 540 612,000 11h 20m 160 Ship Factory X
VII 603 760 1,963,560 1d 12h 21m 44s 302
VIII 853 950 6,300,000 4d 20h 40m 427
IX 1,480 1,800 34,650,000 1,377,881 5d 20h 740


Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
Icon Workshop 1 Workshop Damaged 1 Workshop Destroyed 1
Icon Workshop 2 Workshop Damaged 2 Workshop Destroyed 2
Icon Workshop 3 Workshop Damaged 3 Workshop Destroyed 3


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