The Covenant Cruiser is a ship designed without regard for any kind of mercy. It's a brutal machine, and the very last thing you see.
  — In-Game Description 


Iron Star engineers have been analysing sensor readings of the unknown vessel. We estimate that although it has similar dimensions to our own Heretic Cruiser Class, it may have a more powerful weapons system. I believe it may belong to the VEGA military that Bishop spoke of.
  — Keres VII 

The Covenant Cruiser is a Tier 5 hull with extra offensive power in the form of weapon slots and mass reductions.

As a cruiser, this ship has great defensive capability and is designed to soak up damage.

Strategy and Setup


Covenant Cruisers are extremely lethal in combat with many weapon slots. Infernal Gatling Rays are a common Infernal weapon because of their reliability and high damage. Manifold Missiles are a cheap alternative and perform best in base hits. Reverb Rays are incredibly efficient but you might end up not fully utilizing the available mass on this ship.

Despite being a Demon Corps hull, Covenant Cruisers are quite durable because even with additional armor slots, people rarely max out the armor on cruisers due to the high repair time. 3 armor slots filled with Zynthium IV-V are sufficient to make this ship just as durable as a Corinthian Cruiser.


For base rushes, Heretic Cruisers last much longer thanks to their Skirmish Armor which grants them a massive health pool as well as damage resistance. Covenant Cruisers can still be used as damage dealers, but be sure to use both cruisers: the Heretics can tank the damage, giving the Covenants extra time to demolish the enemy's Bridge.


Level II
Armor Slots ArmorSlot 3 3 4 4
Resistance Slots ResistanceSlot 1 1 1 1
Max. Mass 9,450 t 9,900 t 10,350 t 10,800 t
Cargo 142,000 t 170,400 t 198,800 t 227,200 t
Frigate Damage +10% +23% +36% +50%
Cutter Damage +10% +23% +36% +50%
Armor Health +5% +10% +15% +20%
Weapon Mass -15% -20% -25% -30%
Armor Mass -5% -10% -15% -20%
Weapon Speed +5% +10% +15% +20%
RESEARCH ShipLabResearch
Prerequisites Previous level of Covenant Cruiser,
Same level of Revelation Cruiser
Workshop Required N/A N/A N/A VIII
Time Time 1d 20h 50m 06s 3d 17h 40m 13s 5d 14h 30m 19s 7d 11h 20m 25s
Mineral Ore MineralOre 17,511,874 35,023,748 52,535,622 70,047,496
CRAFT Crafting
Time Time 22h 23m 03s 1d 20h 50m 05s 2d 19h 15m 08s 3d 17h 40m 10s
Mineral Ore MineralOre 5,837,200 11,674,400 17,511,600 23,348,800
Patterns Patterns 1 1 1 1
Cores Cores 5 5 5 5
Parts Parts 10 30 90 270
Armaments Armaments 2,048 2,560 3,200 4,000


  • The Covenant Cruiser is the first of the Demon Corps Hulls.
  • The 'wings' of the Covenant Cruiser extend to the side when the ship is in motion, retracting upon slowing down and stopping.
  • A bonus to weapon speed was added to cruiser mark upgrades towards the end of 2017.