The Covenant Cruiser is a ship designed without regard for any kind of mercy. It's a brutal machine, and the very last thing you see.
  — In-Game Description 


Iron Star engineers have been analysing sensor readings of the unknown vessel. We estimate that although it has similar dimensions to our own Heretic Cruiser Class, it may have a more powerful weapons system. I believe it may belong to the VEGA military that Bishop spoke of.
  — Keres VII 

The Covenant Cruiser is a high level, tier five Demon Corps hull. It was first available in the Crossfire and a returning prize in Search and Destroy, Devastation, and Vengeance events. It is the first ship designed by the Demon Corps to become usable by the player.

Covenant cruisers are very powerful and highly effective at destroying cutters and frigates in combat. They are common among high level players.


Compared with the Revelation cruiser, the Apocrypha cruiser and the Corinthian cruiser, The Covenant cruiser has five weapon slots, instead of four and three armor slots by default. When upgraded to MK IV, it acquires another armor slot, equalizing its armor slot total with its non-upgraded counterparts.

They are the first Demon Corps themed hull to be released and are becoming more common in PvP combat.

Covenant cruisers should be upgraded to Mk V for substantial improvements in combat and efficiency with its equipment. Also, at MK IV they get another armor slot.

They also have the ability to catch cutters if you have an empty Ragnarok carrier while equipped with Arrestor beams and Armored thrusters with any weapon of your choice. Destroy enemy carriers first to neutralize their agility field if it is a Ragnarok carrier.


Covenants are very lethal in combat, particularly when they have been upgraded to MK V. They feature reduced weapon's weight and bonus armor making weapons on these ships very efficient.

In addition, Covenant cruisers feature excessive amounts of mass (Maxing out at 10,800t at MK V), allowing players to equip the heaviest weapons, shields and armor available to them. Covenant cruisers have access to several Demon Corps exclusive equipment such as the Tempest drivers, Storm drivers and Armored thrusters.

Because of the combination of these advantages, the Covenant cruiser is very powerful and is quite effective at destroying other cruisers too as well as cutters.

A common misconception is that players believe Covenant cruisers are fragile, but it's not true. Additional mass allows Covenant cruisers to equip the heaviest armor without needing to reduce its firepower significantly. At MK V, Covenant cruisers can have more 12,000 armor and still possess more firepower than any other cruiser.


They are very difficult to upgrade through the crafting system, due to Demon Corps supply run fleets being far stronger than average.

Players can only fit four fully equipped MK V Covenant cruisers into their fleet with a carrier, while others can easily fit a MK V Apocrypha cruiser with four MK IV Revelation cruisers into their fleet comfortably.


Covenant 2

Covenant cruisers vs Covenant cruisers

Effective weapons for Covenant cruisers are Manifold missiles with blister rounds. Infernal Gatling rays or Reverb rays with focused optics are also highly ideal. Players can also choose to equip more standard weapons such as Aurora ray and Impulse beams.

Armored thrusters is strongly recommended. It boosts armour and speed, and you could catch fleeing cutters if you spread your Covenant cruisers out enough to prevent the cutters from circling around your fleet as it reaches the combat arena's border.

Damage resistors, particularly energy resistors or shock resistors are strongly recommended. They provide a great durability bonus considering the amount of armour and shields you can equip a Covenant cruiser with.

Usage by vega

This is one of the most commonly used hulls by the Demon Corps, and whatever armament it has, the Covenant cruiser has devastated many rebel fleets who were foolish enough to get into range.

They first appeared in Crossfire, providing support along with Basilisk cutters to Corrupted Iron Star Amber Army forces who continued to clash with the rebels.

Mark 5 variants of them appear in the Supply run Demon Corps contingent fleets.

VEGA has commonly armed the Covenant Cruisers in their fleets with Storm Driver, Reverb Ray, and Manifold Missiles.

Because of their frequent appearance, Iron Star Engineers have managed to generate the Covenant Cruiser's blueprints based on data recovered from battles and distributed it among the rebels, allowing them to construct their own.


  • The Covenant is the first and only cruiser to feature five weapon slots.
  • The Covenant is the opposite of a Heretic cruiser, having less armor and more weapons.
  • The Covenant is the second cruiser to have a bonus modifier that does not need any upgrades from the crafting system. the first one being the Heretic cruiser.
  • The 'wings' on the Covenant Cruiser will extend to the side when the ship moves, and retracts backwards when it stops


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