The Corinthian Cruiser is a reliable VSec Hull that performs well in combat. It may be understated, but it gets results.
  — In-Game Description 


The Corinthian Cruiser is a balanced front line hull, providing ample firepower and a wall of armor for attacking fleets and bases alike.
  — Sybil 

The Corinthian Cruiser is a high level, tier four VEGA Security hull. It was first available in the event Warfront, the hull finally became available to players. Curiously, it was not added as a blueprint and can still only be obtained through repeating events like Planet Strike.

It is similar to the Apocrypha Cruiser as a high level cruiser, but with slightly more mass and armor; nevertheless, it is less commonly seen in PvP due to the rarity of its blueprint.

Strategy and Setup

Vsec's Corinthian Cruiser is armed to the teeth with weapons, and delivers a wide fire radius towards oncoming enemy fleets.
  — Sybil 


The Corinthian Cruiser is a strong cruiser, very durable in fleet combat and useful as a base decoy. As with most cruisers, they excel at destroying cutters and frigates when fully upgraded.

It has a smaller profile size than the Apocrypha cruiser, giving it a minor advantage dodging projectiles and non-homing missiles.

Mk V Corinthian cruisers are far stronger than standard MK I versions.


Like most cruisers, they are vulnerable to destroyers and battleships, and may find themselves destroyed before being able to make any significant impact.

They take more time and resources to upgrade to MK V as the required fleets are more powerful.

They are arguably more difficult to obtain than the Covenant Cruiser, which is regularly released in events.

Unlike the other VSec ships, their blueprint can't be obtained from cargo fleets.

Recommended Builds:

Players commonly place Fusion Thrusters III on Corinthians, providing them with superb mobility.

Common weapons equipped include Aurora Rays, Manifold Missiles, Burst Rays, Reverb Rays and SICO Missiles. Weapon boosters such as Focused Optics, Ion Modulators and Antimatter Warheads are common as well, the remaining mass is filled up with Zynthium and shielding.

Players frequently equip Energy Resistors to their cruisers, since energy weapons are common on the ships they usually face in PvP. Cruisers have more armor than other ships, and so the resistor's impact is more significant.

Base decoy Corinthian cruisers usually have explosive or projectile resistors, as well as Metaphase Shield IIIs and full stack of Zynthium V armor, with Armored Holds or Strafe/Binary Thrusters. The remaining mass is usually filled with Creeper Torpedoes to fend off wings launched from a base's Fleet Bay.

With the introduction of multi-type resistors, recommended types may change.

Usage by VEGA

Take possession of the Corinthian Cruiser, a design liberated from Vsec by the Iron Star Company.
  — Event Store 

The Corinthian cruiser was the first of four VSec hulls, the others being the Eagle Frigate, Lance Destroyer, and Zeal Battleship, to be commissioned for VSec usage. Ever since, it has been the standard cruiser for VSec and has been seen in nearly every single VSec fleet.

In VSec fleets, Corinthian cruisers are quite weak, until around level 37. They can be defeated by auto fleets below that, although the best and easiest way to eliminate them is by kiting them with Gladius Driver fleets.

Corinthian 2

Corinthian cruiser in combat.

A universal method is by taking a carrier and multiple instant repair decoys, preferably Genesis Cruisers with Spectral Shield IV, then using the decoys to divert the fire while the carrier destroys the Corinthian Cruiser. This is less viable due to recent updates.

The standard Gladius drivers with Apocrypha cruisers or Rapture cruisers worked in all events except Arms Race, Countermeasures and Face Off, since all other events had the same armament of SICO Missiles, except for Martial Law, which had it armed with a single NET Torpedo in place of one of the SICO Missiles, which still hardly made a difference because of the NET Torpedo's slow travel speed.

In Arms Race, the ships had enhanced range and couldn't be kited without a carrier. In Countermeasures, the Corinthian Cruisers got ECHO Rays boosted by Focused Optics V, and couldn't be kited. The same went for Face Off and its following events, in addition to both the crafting fleets and the sector activity fleets.
I will find the plans for the Corinthian Cruiser and deliver them to you. A worthy prize, I hope? The Iron Star Company fights for you.
  — H.M Keres VII 

In Warfront, the designs for the Corinthian cruiser were stolen by Keres VII and the Iron Star Company and distributed to rebels with enough intel for usage.


  • The Corinthian Cruiser is the last of the four original VSec hulls to be released in an event. It was met with great anticipation as many players waited quite a lengthy amount of time to see its release.
  • Corinthian cruisers have a smaller hit box in comparison to the Apocrypha, Rapture and Revelation cruiser.
  • Currently, the Corinthian cruiser is unobtainable for newer players except through events.