The Commerce Module is the economic center of your base. It automatically produces coins.
  — In-game description 


The Commerce Module is a module that produces coins, the premium currency in VEGA Conflict. This module can only be constructed by spending 300 coins, and the build time is instantaneous. Once a player has one of these built, the module will begin producing coins.

The module can be upgraded by gaining experience; this experience is earned if you and/or your alliance members spend coins in any way, you must be in an alliance to gain alliance experience. This includes if an alliance member makes their own commerce module. Once the bar reaches its maximum percentage, a player can then upgrade it to the next level instantaneously, where the module will produce more coins per day and can hold more coins before needing to bank.


Level Coins Produced per day How long to produce 1 coin Slot Config Coins to Next Level
I 3 8h - about 500
II 4 6h
III 4h 48m
IV 7 3h 25m 43s +Armor ~2500
V 9 2h 40m -
VI 11 2h 10m 55s
VII 14 1h 42m 51s +Shield
VIII 17 1h 24m 42s -
IX 20 1h 12m
X 25 57m 36s -


Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
I-X Icon Commerce Module Commerce Module Damaged Commerce Module Destroyed


  • Mathematically, they are not worth that much unless you are in an alliance that spends significant amount of coins.
    • However, if you managed to get enough coins to build it before the other free methods were removed, they are, a lot.

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