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Combat Surveillance is now live! Check out this video for an in-depth look on how to review your recent attacks. -
  — Meet Burr 
VEGA Conflict Combat Surveillance01:00

VEGA Conflict Combat Surveillance

Overview Edit

Players will be able to watch any of the five most recent PVP battles they had. While viewing battles, players will have the option to pause the surveillance, fast forward at 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x speed, and share for others to see. Players will have the ability to zoom in and out during the surveillance.

Combat Surveillance DOES NOT record any attacks by or to VEGA Fleets. This includes VEGA siege fleets present on some events.

Your battle logs will only store your five most recent battles. After a sixth is recorded, the oldest battle will be removed. It is still possible to view older battle replays if a link exists in chat.


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