The Combat Module supports many components, and attaching a turret is the best way to protect a base.
  — In-Game Description 


Combat Module, as the name suggests, is a turret designed for destroying attacking ships and defending the base from other attacking rebels or from VEGA fleets.  

Choice of weapons, the positioning of combat modules is critical to strong base defence. Base weapons should have a mix or long range and close range weapons, with their firing arcs overlapping so that multiple turrets can fire simultaneously at their targets. 

Combat modules should not be placed too closely to other combat modules or the bridge, collateral damage often inflicts substantial damage when they are destroyed. 

There are many arrangements of combat modules proven to be effective. Some players spread the combat modules out of a large area, with no combat module being adjacent to one another, so collateral damage effect is negated. Each combat module is then equipped with a medium/long range weapon that is able to cover each other nearby combat module's blind spot.  

Another setup is placing all combat modules near the bridge, while this is dangerous as collateral damage can inflict devastating nearby modules, it overlaps the firing ranges of the combat modules so they can concentrate fire on targets. 

Combat modules fire at the closest target, which leads to the use of decoys. Decoys are ships specifically setup with more armor and shields (or dodging ability), intended to draw the fire from combat modules so that other long range ships, usually destroyers, can attack unmolested. 


Health 211 298 338 476 673 950 1,342 1,896 2,677 3,780 6,125 7,750
Max. Mass 200t 280t 390t 550t 770t 1,080t 1,510t 2,110t 2,950t 4,130t 11,475t 13,950t
Collateral Damage 53 75 85 179 252 356 671 958 1,338 2,835 4,594 5,813
Slot Config. +Weapon --- +Armor
--- +Shield --- --- +Armor +Armor
XP Change 99 53 36 191 204 313 583 793 1,216 1,869 26,963 26,918
Time 16s 4m 22s 8m 26s 12m 32s 1h 19m 22s 2h 26m 14s 3h 33m 04s 10h 39m 12s 17h 45m 20s 1d 0h 51m 28s 2d 1h 42m 56s 4d 3h 25m 52s
Mineral Ore 638 1,920 5,760 17,280 51,840 155,520 466,560 1,399,680 3,779,135 10,077,695 40,310,780 161,243,120
Antimatter 0 419,904 2,519,424 13,856,832 76,212,576
The Bridge Required I II III IV V VI VII
Time 3m 31s 4m 58s 5m 38s 7m 56s 11m 13s 15m 50s 22m 22s 31m 36s 44m 37s 1h 03m 00s 1h 28m 50s 2h 05m 15s


Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
I-III Icon Combat Module 1 Combat Module Damaged 1 Combat Module Destroyed 1
IV-VI Icon Combat Module 2 Combat Module Damaged 2 Combat Module Destroyed 2
VII-IX Icon Combat Module 3 Combat Module Damaged 3 Combat Module Destroyed 2
X-XII Combat Module 4 Combat Module Damaged 4 Combat Module Destroyed 3


  • Combat modules have a power-up animation effect when targets first get in range.