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The Coil Driver Turret is a powerful Projectile weapon that uses magnetic coils to fire projectiles with impressive range.
  — In-game description 
Coil Driver Turret I II III IV V
Mass  100t 265t 460t 805t 1,410t
DPS  9 16 28 48 85
Range 4,000 - 8,500 m
Projectile Speed 1,250 m/s
Sound Effects
Weap fire gauss 01
Weap fire gauss 02
Weap fire gauss 03
Weap fire gauss 04
Weap fire gauss 05
Weap fire gauss 06
Weap fire gauss 07
Weap fire gauss 08
Arms Lab Required I IV VI VIII VIII
Time 8m 2h 08m 8h 32m 1d 10h
Mineral Ore 16,933 91,364 1,506,000 1,830,374 2,929,835
Antimatter 0 0 167,334 1,676,166 2,683,000
Time 48s 3m 12s 12m 48s 51m 12s 3h 24m 48s
Mineral Ore 13,052 65,262 326,299 1,532,562 2,510,412
Antimatter 0 0 0 270,452 443,014
Heavy gauss gun


The Coil Driver Turret is a base projectile weapon. It is the second base weapon and first base projectile weapon available for research. They are the only long range turret for new players to use to defend themselves from long ranged battleships and destroyers. They cannot be out ranged by any ship weapons in the game. They are common amongst low to mid level players

Strategy and Setup Edit

Coil driver turrets are oriented for long range defence - They deal a moderate amount of damage as a projectile turret. They are the only long range turret available for new players so they are strongly recommended to equip them. Supported with Iridium arrays, they are effective at destroying enemy destroyer fleets that usually out range shorter ranged turrets.

Coil drivers have a minimum range, it cannot fire at targets too close to the turret. It's strongly recommended that players use a mixture of Thermal ray turrets and Coil driver turrets to be able to defend themselves against both long range attacks and blitz attacks.

The slugs fired can be easy to dodge, even if enhanced at Iridium arrays. They can still land hits on moving targets with Iridium magnets, especially if they're slow and have a large profile.

Coil drivers can be equipped with phased munitions. While this makes the slugs fired very easy to dodge, a portion of the damage inflicted is ignores shield protection, damaging the armor. Attacking fleets must retreat and repair if they want to recover from the damages.

On higher level combat modules, however, the Coil driver turret starts to become outdated and is usually replaced by the Kinetic driver turrets.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible for skilled players to destroy mid level bases only comprised of Coil driver turrets with only frigates.
  • The Coil driver turret was once called the heavy Gauss gun.
  • Of all base projectile weapons, the Coil driver turret is the only one that doesn't extend to 9,000 metres range.

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