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Civil war

Civil War is a new player vs player feature that will be taking place at least once or twice a month for the foreseeable future, similar to a Riot. Like a Riot, these events will last for 1 day, and will offer awesome prizes.

Unlike a Riot, your primary targets will not be VEGA or VSec Fleets, but other players. You will earn points for every point of damage you inflict upon your enemy. Your goal is to inflict as much damage as possible upon your enemy while avoiding taking damage yourself, so as not to give your opponent any points. Sometimes VEGA or VSec fleets give points which are easier to do than hitting other players and partially or completely ruin the whole purpose of the event.

In a few hours after Civil War has started, leaving or kicking in the alliance and relocating to another sector will be locked until Civil War has ended.

There are three leaderboards: Personal, Alliance and Sector.

Personal leaderboard is your own score. This is the total number of points you have accumulated during the Civil War. At the end of the Civil War, you will be given a rank, and unlock a prize according to your placement compared every other player that competed.

Alliance leaderboard is the combined total of your alliances score, while they were wearing the alliance tag. At the end of the Civil War, your alliance will be ranked, and ALL members of the alliance will be given the prize that is unlocked.

Sector leaderboard is the combined total of all players in a specific sector. Similar to the alliance leaderboard, points earned during the Civil War will only be attributed to the sector the player is currently in.

Dealing damage to your enemy will grant you points on all three leaderboards simultaneously. Dealing 100 points of damage will give your personal score +10, your alliance +10, and your sector +10.

All leaderboards have their own prizes. These prizes are not mutually exclusive: For example, it is possible to place top of the Sector leaderboard (thus winning the first place prize for sector) and rank 40th on the personal leaderboard (thus winning the prize for rank 31st - 80th.)

It is nearly impossible to get a decent amount of ISC crafting materials in the Personal and Alliance leaderboards due to the coiners from top ~100 alliances being ahead all the time. Sector leaderboard is, however, achievable if you're in the same sector with the said alliance coiners.

Event Prizes

There are prizes at all tiers of the personal leaderboard (Example: Coins,Tech, Boxes. So every player that participates seriously will get some reward. The sector and alliance leaderboards are slightly more competitive, placing lower down on these leaderboards won’t win you anything. They also give Exclusive Tech to players being ranked highest on leaderboards. They usually put Lv III on Personal, Lv II On Alliance, Lv I On Sector.





What do you think of the Civil War now after its change

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