Here is a list of all the characters that have appeared in VEGA Conflict. They all have different affiliations:

Bertram Rumbelow
Vice President of VEGA Mining, lead the first operations against the fledgling Miner Rebellion. He was transferred due to his incompetency
Prudent and cautious Field Commander under Rumbelow. He was deployed to fight the first uprising efforts but was defeated due to his superior underestimating the Miner Rebellion.
VEGA Officer
Seen in tutorials, forcing the player to attack and destroy a Miner Rebellion base.
One of the first rebels to be involved in VEGA Conflict. He frequently assists other miner rebels by assigning them missions.
AI Sybil
An artificial intelligence loyal to the Miner Rebellion, often provides insight to upcoming events, organises riots and assigns rebels missions.
Rebel Armament
Mystery Voice
An anonymous entity responsible for instigating the first major uprising against VEGA Corporation, escalating the conflict further. He assisted the Miner Rebellion by distributing VEGA Corporation's various blueprints for ships and weapons.
Previously worked for the VEGA Corporation, he was freed by the rebellion and now operates in the markets collecting Blood Amber.
Previously worked in the VEGA Corporation. He is insane and often babbles nonsense, he operates in the market collecting Blood Amber to destroy.
Former VEGA Security Chief who lead many operations to suppress the rebellion and capture key individuals.
HM Keres VII
Leader of the Iron Star Company, now deceased. Headstrong and iron-willed, her army of mercenaries would follow their Queen into battle. She died before the events of Vendetta, the cause of which is still very vague.
General Geir
Menacing and ruthless former leader of the Demon Corps, previously hell bent on destroying only the Miner Rebellion once and for all. Now leader of his new Xeno Division, bent on destroying both the Miner Rebellion and VEGA after their "betrayal", until recently losing control of the Aliens and allying with the Miner Rebellion. He was consumed by the Alien Infection and was ultimately assassinated by the Rebellion to prevent the infection from spreading further.
Rhea Dage
Rhea Dage
The Chief Engineer of the A.X.I.S. Project, and a no-nonsense woman of strict demeanor. She is reputed for blowing mouthier rebels out the airlock, regardless of rank, and had designed systems that made entire fleets much more powerful. Her work was so impressive that Larus had tried to recruit her before while he still worked for VSec, although he wasn't successful.

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