In the game factions represent the groups and characters in VEGA Conflict. There are currently eight factions: Miner Rebellion, VEGA Mining, VEGA Security, Iron Star Company, VEGA Demon Corps, Xeno Division, A.X.I.S., and Aliens. Each faction has a certain customization, lore, advantages and disadvantages.

It is worth noting that VEGA Mining, VEGA Security and the VEGA Demon Corps are actually sub-factions and part of a larger organization known as the VEGA Federation.

A.X.I.S. is also a sub-division of the Miner Rebellion as well, considering they are a branch of the rebels devoted to developing technology to combat the alien threat.

Rebel Armament

Miner Rebellion

The Miner Rebellion is the faction the player is currently on.The Miner Rebellion were once a part of the VEGA Federation during their Blood Amber farming, however many miners decided to break away and form a resistance, thus began the story of VEGA Conflict.

The Miner Rebellion hulls has a grey, tan and metallic texture. They are supported by key figures such as Larus, Burr and Sybil along with what's left of the Xeno Division.

VEGA Armament

VEGA Mining

The VEGA Corporation (Mining Division) is the main opposing faction against the Miner Rebellion and used to employ them in their operations. They are a vast organisation with thousands of ships. In the past, they have attempted many times to end the rebellion but these tactics have usually ended in a defeat.

VEGA Mining hulls are obsidian black.

Their previous senior officers are Bertram Rumbelow and Vorzer.

VSec Armament

VEGA Security

VEGA Security are a riot force for protecting the VEGA Corporation's fleets and dedicated to arresting and suppressing the Miner Rebellion.

VEGA Security hulls are mainly a very light silver or carbon black outlined by furrows of blood red.

They are lead by Bishop.

ISC Armament

Iron Star Company

The Iron Star Company is a mercenary group and is the current ally to the rebellion. The Iron Star Company was called by Larus in the event Reclamation. The ISC would continue to aid the rebellion in the fight against VEGA Security while offering their unique technology.

A contingent of the Iron Star Company was corrupted through the use of Blood Amber by Bishop forming the Amber Army. They fought along side with the VEGA Security and Demon Corps against the Miner Rebellion. Iron Star Company Hulls are dark green and possess enhanced armor.

They are lead by their headstrong and noble queen, Keres VII.


VEGA Demon Corps

The Demon Corps is the current military branch of the VEGA Federation. They began invading the sector after VEGA Security failed to defeat the Miner Rebellion.

Demon Corps Hulls are mainly red with blueish-grey sections. Demon Corps hulls emphasise on firepower and have access to a large number of exclusive technologies.

The Demon Corps leader is currently unknown, but the previous leader was General Geir, who has since been dismissed from the VEGA Federation.

Icon 807

Xeno Division

The Xeno Division were the main antagonist after General Geir was removed as the leader of the Demon Corps by VEGA. Their goal was to wipe out VEGA and the Miner Rebellion but allied with the Rebellion in Resurrection after the Alien threat escalated.

Xeno Division hulls are very unsymmetrical in design and have many light grey sections of their ships. Most hulls also sport large amounts of glowing green as well showing the Alien/Human tech mixture.

The Xeno Division is lead by no one, the previous leader General Geir fell after his Alien infection consumed him. They soon collapsed, marking the end of the Faction.



The A.X.I.S. Faction/Project became the Miner Rebellion's tech source after the fall of the Xeno Division as they prepared for the Ancient Alien Threat. A.X.I.S. or Advanced Xeno Integrated Systems Project uses Xeno Tech combined with their tech to create powerful tech.

A.X.I.S. Hulls are symmetrical (Not Counting the Paladin Carrier) and have the usual grey look of Xeno Division Hulls but seem to be modified like the Guardian Cruiser's visible Alien Part of the hull.

The AXIS Project is part of the Miner Rebellion so no definite leader can be heard of. The Chief Engineer and overall figure of AXIS is Rhea Dage.


The Marauders

The Marauders are groups of criminals, thieves and space pirates who lurk amongst the unknown regions, occasionally raiding shipments of cargo as well as stealing blueprints of technology from the other factions. Lately, they have taken to raiding rebel cargo in order to obtain A.X.I.S. tech.

Marauder Hulls are very similar in design to A.X.I.S. Hulls, because the designs were stolen from the Rebels. The Marauders are known for using weapons that deal Void Damage, unblockable by any technology except for their own, making them especially dangerous against other ships. There is no known leader or figure of the Marauders.



Aliens are a mysterious but powerful faction of unknown origin. They first appeared in the secret Colony 47 incident as they secretly manifested in the Colony 47 Infected Sector for a very long time.

However, after Geir's experiments with the Alien race they were enslaved by Geir until they went rouge proving a far larger threat than anything seen in the universe which made once 2 enemies, the Xeno Division and Rebellion ally to defeat. The fall of the Xeno Division left one last faction to destroy.

They have a special connection with Blood Amber, if one integrated with the substance is exposed to Alien tissue the Aliens will penetrate the person's brain, enslaving it and spreading itself like a disease which destroyed Geir and cause the Colony 47 Incident

Alien hulls are very strange and unique being mostly green and black and having stats far beyond current tech.


  • The leaders of the VEGA Federation are referred to as "Head office".
  • Originally their were only two factions, the Miner Rebellion and VEGA Mining.
  • The Demon Corps still use corvettes in major tests of weapons. However, their designation is unknown and they have not been seen using it in engagements with the rebels.


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