Battleships are one of six different types of hulls. With the exception of a few, battleships are all named after strong emotions or feelings, mostly negative ones.

Battleships use two broadside firing arcs instead of a single one. This gives them the ability to output twice as much damage if there are targets in range on both sides of the ship. Battleships also possess a modest range bonus, giving them an edge over most other ships in combat.

They are relatively slow ships without any support field or thrusters, but in high level combat when properly equipped and supported, they are versatile, mobile, and deadly warships commonly seen fighting VEGA fleets and in PvP. They are very popular ships since they are relatively agile, possess deadly amounts of firepower, and are very flexible in their roles in addition to a relatively low amount of repair time.

Battleships also have the highest capacity for weaponry compared to other hull types. Although they have fewer armor and shield slots than most hulls, their superior max mass allows strong armor and shields to be put into those slots, partially negating that disadvantage. Overall, battleships strongly emphasize destruction and firepower.

Battleships have the lowest base turning speeds of any ships in the game.

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