Basic Information

Armor is basically material to help your ships or buildings withstand attacks. Hence they will help to increase a ship's or building's health, helping to protect them. There are currently 4 types of armor - Plasteel, Tritanium, Iridium Composite, and Zynthium Alloy. Armor can be researched for your base modules or ships.

VEGA Conflict Armor & Shields01:21

VEGA Conflict Armor & Shields

Armors and Shields.


  • If you are using a fleet to attack cargo fleets, try to place no armor or fewer armor on them as armors with high levels or armors that are more advanced tend to take more time and resources to repair, hence delaying the time for you to attack cargos fleets as well as the profit that is made from farming. So even if they are destroyed, they will have instant repair, since they have few or no armor.
  • If you are using a fleet to attack a base, place very heavy armor to the ships, hence they will last longer as they will be able to withstand attacks from defense platforms, although they will not have instant repair. This is of course unless you are planning to solely outrange the towers or you are experienced enough to trust that little to nothing with hit you.

Armors Informations

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