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Capacitive Plates use highly charged capacitors to neutralize incoming damage to modules. They're extremely effective for their mass.
  — In-Game Description 
Capacitive Plates I II III
Blueprint Fragments 4 Pieces 5 Pieces 6 Pieces
Blueprint Tier Tier I Tier III Tier V
Mass 375t 844t 2,405t
Armor 1,032 2,954 9,618
Repair Time 17m 12s 49m 14s 2h 40m 18s
Ship Lab Required VII IX X
Build Time 1h 40m 40s 8h 40m 10s 16h 43m 20s
Mineral Ore 106,878 639,330 2,920,768
Antimatter 0 0 324,530
Cap Plate

Capacitive Plates I, II, and III, Respectively


Capacitive Plates are a VEGA Corporation technology, but never seen. They can be obtained by defeating level 20-27 rebel cargo fleets or level 30-45 VEGA cargo fleets. It is the strongest base armor in the game and requires ship lab X to use. They are efficient for their mass. They work well on modules that can't contain Zynthium alloy II and above because of the mass efficiency and high armour.

It's strongly recommended you put capacitive plates III on your bridge. On combat modules, Zynthium plates works better than capacitive plates as their total mass is lower. Regardless, fit the highest health armor, not the heaviest one. capacitive plates are best used on modules that are next to modules with high collateral damage, like other combat modules. The bridge contains the highest potential collateral damage in the game, and will critically damage any module one space away regardless their armor.


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