The Burst Ray Turret is optimized for close-range defence. It fires a deadly burst of rays in a wide arc, living up to the nickname of "energy Shotgun".
  — In-Game Description 
Burst Ray Turret  I II III
Mass 333t 682t 1,538t
DPS 122 185 282
Range 0m-4,000m
Projectile Speed 4,000 m/s
Sound Effect
Mech laser 01
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Shadow Strike)
Arms Lab Required
Intel Required 25,000 125,000 375,000
Mineral Ore
BurstTurret 3


The Burst Ray Turret fires a deadly wide arc burst of rays, that is perfect for any fleet that approaches your base at close range.
  — Sybil 
BurstTurret 1

Burst ray turret III

The Burst Ray Turret is an event energy weapon. It was available in the event Shadow Strike. It serves as a base counterpart of the Burst ray. It fires white/yellow pellets of lasers over in a conical pattern with a large spread. They are rather rare given that they have only been released once.


The Burst ray turret has a high amount of firepower and it has a high amount of project speed, only beam type weapons have a faster projectile speed. Burst ray turrets are compared to the Thermal ray turret, combat modules can equip more armor and shields. Burst ray turrets have a large spread, greatly diluting its damage output to targets at its maximum range, only ships that approach to point blank ranges can it inflict all its damage to its target. This is a severe disadvantage as Thermal ray turret can direct all its damage to a single target and its beam cannot be evaded. Because of its large spread, it has a tendency to hit multiple targets, inflicting damage to all of them

The Burst ray turret has one of the lowest ranges of any base turret, thus it is helpless against fleets of destroyers. Pairing this weapon with long-range projectile weapons such as the Kinetic driver turret or Gladius driver turret will cover this turrets lack of defence against long or medium range targets.


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