The Burst Ray is optimized for close-range encounters. It fires a deadly burst of rays in a wide arc, earning it the nickname "Energy Shotgun"
  — In-Game Description 
Burst Ray I II III
Mass 460t 690t 875t
DPS 55 82 103
DPH 22 34 42
DPV 275 410 515
Range 0m-2,200m
Projectile Speed 4,000 m/s
Sound Effect
Mech laser 01
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Crackdown, Martial Law, Legacy Event, and Riot)
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX
Detainees/Data Cores/Loot Required 500/50,000/12,500 2,500/250,000/150,000 7,500/750,000/650,000
Time 25m 20s 50m 40s
Helium-3 264,992 638,482
Antimatter 29,443 112,673

Burst Ray I, II, and III, Respectively


Vaporise enemies at close range with the Burst Ray.
  — Event Store 
Burst 3

Distinctive conical pattern of pellets fired from the Burst ray.

The Burst ray is an event energy weapon. It was available in the events Crackdown, Martial Law, and was added to the riot rotation before finally added as a blueprint found by destroying level 30-55 VSec fleets.

It is an extremely powerful, close range weapon designed to annihilate targets at point blank range. It fires a dozen yellow energy pellets at its target in bursts with a five second pause between shots, these shots have a moderate spread, much like a real shotgun.

It has the shortest range of any weapon in the game.

They are popular weapons amongst mid level and high level players because of its extreme firepower and the weapon being tailored for short range combat. They are most common on cutter class ships which can rapidly close in on targets.

Strategy and SetupEdit

Burst 2

Burst rays delivers damages in an instant followed by a brief reload.

Advantages: Edit

The Burst ray is extremely powerful at point blank range. It has the highest damage output of any ship weapon. Because of this, it is popular on very fast ships like frigates and cutters. They are usually seen on the Taipan cutter, Gharial cutter, Komodo cutter and Python cutter.

Cruisers equipped with Burst rays can be beneficial in situations where they need to deal with cutters, due to the fact cutters must get very close to deal damage.

Disadvantages: Edit

Burst ray is very ineffective on slow ships. The Burst ray only deals its maximum damage at point blank range. While it can fire at short ranges, it will not inflict much damage. It is highly advised to avoid equipping the focused optics boost when using Burst rays. Due to the weapons spread rendering medium range combat pointless.

Burst ray has extremely short range, causing slow ships to be easily out ranged and outmanoeuvred by faster ships. Do not equip Burst ray on ships such as destroyers or battleships, as their range bonuses will only weaken the Burst ray.

Burst ray has a brief 5 second pause between shots. While each shot inflicts heavy damage, an entire burst may be wasted on a ship that's nearly destroyed to eliminate it.

Video Edit

Vega Conflict - Burst Ray Review03:24

Vega Conflict - Burst Ray Review

Video explanation of the Burst ray.

Trivia Edit

  • The Burst ray's nickname is the "Energy Shotgun" because of the widespread of the shots and the insane damage with slow rate of fire.
  • The Burst ray inherits the Polaron ray's old and slow rate of fire, and also has the same appearance when the shots are fired.
  • The Burst ray is the first energy weapon that can hit multiple enemies per shot.
  • The Burst ray is also the first and only energy weapon to have a spread and fires multiple "pellets", and loses damage in relation to distance because of the spread as less "pellets" connects to the target.
  • The Burst ray fires approximately every five seconds, multiplying the DPS listed by five will give you the damage in every shot.


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