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General Edit

Burr is a rebel miner, one of the first rebel miners to have joined the uprising and form the Miner Rebellion. He is known to reluctantly cooperate with the VEGA Corporation when coerced as seen in tutorials.

History Edit

He is known to be one of the first miners who set out to stake a claim, and also one of the first to experience the tyranny of the VEGA Corporation. He is also the notable figure of the miner rebellion, but has avoided taking any leadership role in the uprising. He does however teach new rebels how to command and pilot their fleet before leaving you to carry on at your own pace. 

He, along with Sybil, also gives out daily missions after your bridge reaches level III. He also informs you after Arms Race event, that the miners developed the Fighter squadron, but at the time it was designed to flee from VEGA Corporation instead of fighting them. Apparently, the VEGA Corporation adapted the Fighter squadrons and tested them on their Ragnarok carriers as seen starting from the event Martial Law

Burr frequently appears prior to major events, voicing his perspective of current events. 

Profile Edit

Burr is of African decent with a medium build and bald hair cut, he is seen wearing a miner space suit. He is experienced and level headed commander and often advises other rebels about developing situations and events. Despite being one of the first members of the Miner Rebellion, he has rarely taken upon himself in a leading role throughout all the battles and victories the rebel has fought through.

Trivia Edit

  • To some capacity, he was unofficially seen the leader of the Miner Rebellion. He has never officially taken up the mantle of being so however.

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