Gatling Ray Turret   Brutal Gatling Ray Turret

The Brutal Gatling Ray Turret is a supercharged version of the relentless Energy weapon. It fires a rapid series of shots which can punch through a single target.
  — In-Game Description 
Brutal Gatling Ray Turret I II III
Mass 894t 1,789t 2,683t
DPS 197 257 296
DPV 1,379 1,799 2,072
Range 0-4,300 m
Projectile Speed 4,000 m/s
Piercing 2
Firing Cycle C: 1.0 / F: 4.0 / R: 2.0 / N: 20
Sound Effect
Laser red 01
Laser red 02
Laser red 03
Obtaining (Reusable Credit)
Previously Available in Eradication (Store*, Loot Drop),
AXIS (Loot Drop),
Alien Repeating Events (Loot Drop)
Currently Available in

Sector Strike (Store*)

*: Only level I available

Time 1h 19m 10s 11h 52m 50s 1d 7h 40m 50s
Mineral Ore 1,230,894 11,961,778 14,800,531
Antimatter 136,765 2,990,445 4,933,511

Brutal Gatling Ray Turret I, II and III respectively.


The Brutal Gatling ray turret is an advanced version of Gatling Ray Turret. It bullets can pierce through a single ship and hit another ship behind it, effectively doubling its damage output.

It fires thin orange/yellow lasers in prolonged bursts at its target. It was available in Eradication in strongboxes or for purchase as a reusable item.

Strategy and Setup


Just like the normal version, it has a very high DPS output along the lines of the SICO Missile Turret. It also is a Gatling type weapon which means it continuously fires a stream of high DPS without reloading at very high speeds which are usually impossible to dodge when rushing the base. This makes it an okay weapon for rushers.

It also can pierce foes by 6 (Not 2). Due to a bug which causes all piercing turrets to always pierce 6 which can punish players who line up their ships to be quickly destroyed.


However, just like the normal version it is considered a joke turret due to the better turrets in VEGA Conflict and its multiple downsides. Firstly, many experienced players will simply snipe the base instead of rushing due to the short range of the Brutal Gatling Ray and even when rushing they will never line their ships up.

It is also crazy heavy as with Focused Apertures V it will have around 5k weight at level III which many Combat Modules will have a hard time equipping while being very armored.

Its short range also makes it easily sniped making it useless against any long ranged weapons. Without Focused Apertures V it is easily outranged by many weapons in the game, unlike the SICO Missile Turret which can also support in much higher ranges of PvB which is much better.

It also is obtained via Alien Outposts which many medium and high level players can only destroy. Those players usually have the SICO Missile Turret which is much better than the Gatling. It also is a reusable item which limits its use to the number of credits you have on it.


Players are advised not to ever use the Brutal Gatling Ray Turret along with the normal version of the turret due to how bad it actually is. However, if one wishes to equip it they should but it on the outer most layer of the base to ensure the maximum coverage with the turret.

It is advised to put Focused Apertures V and maximum armor to get a decent Combat module.



  • The Original Gatling Ray Turret was considered a joke due to how bad it was. The Brutal version doesn't fix any of the problems that made it bad so it is rarely ever seen.
  • Being a Brutal Weapon it is supposed to receive a lower range but a massive DPS increase. It only received a DPS and Weight increase similar to the other Epic Boosted Turrets.
    • This could be because if one would reduce its range further it would become obsolete to many rebel turrets as well.

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