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The Brimstone Torpedo Turret is an Explosive turret specializing in area denial. The torpedo explodes into heavy fragments when it detonates.
  — In-Game Description 
Brimstone Torpedo Turret I II III
Mass  541t 946t 1654t
DPS  90 140 210
Range 3,000 - 5,040 m
Projectile Speed 1,800 m/s
Sound Effects
Unlocking (Only obtainable in the event Special Event)
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX
Intel Required 12,000 200,000 600,000
Mineral Ore
Brimstone Turret2

Brimstone Turret I, II and III respectively

General Edit

The Brimstone Torpedo Turret is an explosive turret originating from Demon Corps. It was first made available in the Special Event on November 11th. It fires torpedoes that explode, launching clusters of bombs in every direction when nearby their targets.

Strategy and SetupEdit


Prior to the nerf, this turret was very useful. It would detonate at maximum range like normal, and would be very effective at area denial against destroyers. Usually having them placed by the edges of your base or on your bridge to supply long-range area denial would be quite effective.

This turret is, however, notable for similarity to the SICO turret, particularly in minimum range. Against ships within 6000 meters, this turret turns deadly, as its torpedoes can score direct hits, and it will still detonate nearby if it misses. This makes it effective against battleships, cruisers, and other mid- or short-range ships. It deals all of its damage in a single blow as well.


However, after the nerf, the weapon functions identically to it's ship version, exploding at half it's maximum range. This means that the fragments are almost guaranteed to rarely connect with a target other then a decoy, which will take almost no damage. Prior to this nerf, a good strategy would have been to equip this on outer combat modules to supply the longest area denial to incoming destroyer fleets, the fragments could fire at decoys, but spread and hit destroyers as well.

Ships can equip multiple Brimstone torpedoes and fire multiple torpedoes, while each torpedo inflict significant less damage, it would spew far more explosive fragments. Base variants fire a single torpedo that would only eject a few fragments.


A setup if you do wish to use the Brimstone torpedo turret would be Capacitive plates III, and the best possible special and shield along with it. AM warheads is the only choice, as it has no spread.


  • Originally, this turret was considered to be very useful over it's ship counterpart, due to properly functioning and exploding at maximum range. However, after a recent nerf, the explosive now detonates at half it's maximum range and will almost never hit a distant target with its fragments. However, it remains useful at shorter ranges, and can annihilate the popular midlevel Creeper Venom fleet.

Gallery Edit

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