All base operations are directed from the Bridge. Modules draw their power from the Bridge's reactor.
  — In-game description 

The Bridge

The Bridge provides power to all your modules and is a behemoth to take down in base hits. Despite it being a source of power, immediately targeting and destroying will not cease the functionality of combat modules. The Bridge is a storage module and a combat module combined; it can also carry a massive amount of armor and weapons, making it by far the strongest combat-capable module in your base.

As you upgrade the bridge, you can field more fleets, up to a maximum of seven fleets at bridge level IV.

As you upgrade the bridge, you can also build additional modules such as storage modules, miner modules, combat modules and Terminus mines, and allow existing ones to be upgraded an additional levels for every bridge level.

Defense/Positioning Strategy

Generally, most base designs place the bridge at the center of the available build space, this allows modules to extend equally in all directions. The bridge makes up the core center while key buildings are usually placed near it with combat modules adding further support to the core. 

One thing to be careful about is the bridge's huge collateral damage, it can seriously damage or even destroy anything directly next to or diagonal to the bridge, causing a massive chain reaction of explosions. Take this into consideration when building your base.

The bridge has a bonus range estimated to be +5% to compensate for its large hitbox size.

Bridges store a significant amount of resources, players can destroy the Bridge to steal a significant amount of resources of the victim player.


Health 598 1,192 2,377 4,740 9,450 21,000 27,000
Max Mass 350 825 1,800 3.600 8,360 16,800 21,000
Collateral Damage 150 447 1,189 3,555 4,725 10,500 13,500
Slot config  +Weapon +Armor +Special +Shield +Armor +Special +Armor




+Weapon x2

Supported fleets 2 4 6 7 (IV-VII)
Storage Capacity 50,000 150,000 450,000 1,350,000 4,050,000 9,315,000 16,301,250
Combat Modules 4 6 8 10 12 13 14
Resource Miners 3 5 8 10 12 13 14
Terminus Mines 0 10 12 14 (V-VII)
Antimatter Silo 0 5 7 8 9 10
Storage Modules 3 5 7 8 8 9 10
Upgrade XP N/A
Time --- 24m 2h 30m 10h 00m 2d 2h 7d 7h 12d 9h
Mineral Ore --- 59,160 585,684 4,744,038 23,909,964 191,279,712 516,455,222
Antimatter --- 5,977,491 119,549,820 310,829,532
Requirements  ---

Ship Factory II

Fleet Bay II

Ship Factory IV

Fleet Bay IV

Ship Factory VI

Fleet Bay VI

Ship Factory VIII

Fleet Bay VIII

Ship Factory X

Fleet Bay X

Ship Factory XI

Fleet Bay XII


Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
I Bridge I Bridge Damaged 1 Bridge Destroyed 1
II Bridge II Bridge Damaged 2 Bridge Destroyed 2
III Bridge III Bridge Damaged 3 Bridge Destroyed 3
IV Bridge IV Bridge Damaged 4 Bridge Destroyed 4
V Icon Bridge V Bridge Damaged 5 Bridge Destroyed 5
VI-VII Bridge6 Bridge Damaged 6 Bridge Destroyed 6


  • Bridge VI and VII visuals differ slightly, Bridge VII has 2 more Weapon Slots as compared to Bridge VI.
  • It used to be called "The Outpost", but the name was changed to "The Bridge" late into Closed Beta
  • Many have theorised that the reason there isn't a massive power failure when the Bridge is destroyed as being due to hidden emergency generators inside each module.
  • It is the only module that takes up a 2x2 tile area.

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