Bomber Squadron   Bomber Wing

The Bomber Wing is launched from the Fleet Bay. It is outfitted with high-power Explosive weapons for maximum damage.
  — In-Game Description 
Bomber Wing I II III
Mass 468t 654t 918t
DPS 78 110 154
Flight Time 25s
Scramble Range 9,000 m
Speed 1,500 m/s
Health 750
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Reclamation (Store),
Shadow Strike (Store),
Iron Blood (Store),
Riot (Store)
Complete Blueprint
Curr. Available in
Planet Strike (Store)
Arms Lab Required VI VIII X
Mineral Ore
Bomber 1+2+3

Bomber Wing I, II, and III, Respectively


Should your base encounter hostiles, the Bomber Wing is equipped with explosive damage, and launches directly from your fleet bay.
  — Sybil 

The Bomber Wing is an event Explosive type base squadron. It was available in the event Reclamation. It serves as the ship counterpart of the Bomber squadron for carriers.

They are the most popular squadron amongst players. They are similar to Bomber squadrons in appearance, except they have an orange/yellow aura about the strikecraft.

Strategy and Setup


They are powerful options compared to other squadron wings to be equipped on fleet bays, they have the high amount of armor and firepower along with a well-rounded scramble range. It is a massive threat to sniper and rushing fleets alike as they deal massive damage overtime if left ignored.

When compared to the Spectre Wing, it is much more versatile and has the same flight time. However, it does Explosive damage which many recharging decoys usually cannot block aswell due to how they are usually only hit by projectile turrets, the same damag ethe Spectre uses.


However, it is a very heavy wing, and since adding the wing makes your module a massive target lots of armor and shields are needed which adds alot of repair time to the module, the Fleet Bay was a prime example as back then when it was destroyed no fleets could be repaired or launched.

The Bomber Wing is also not as effective against destroyers compared to the Spectre Wing, the SPectre wing flies around their narrow firing arcs, while the Bomber simply flies into the shots.


Always equip level III as much as you can, then maximize on armor and shielding. Since the Bridge is always in the middle, the Fleet Bay will be talked about. Place it next to the Bridge to ensure maximum coverage.

Placement also determines the choice of attack on early levels, (Mainly 60 and below) as the Wings can pose a massive threat to the enemy. Generally, the sides the Fleet Bay is facing are less guarded than its opposite as the extra firepower is like a turret's worth.



  • This is the first wing, or base squadron, introduced.
  • Its appearance is identical to its ship counterpart, the Bomber squadron, the only difference is the bomber wing has some bright yellow effects on them, most probably to prevent mixing them up with carrier launched bombers.
  • The Bomber wing has identical stats to its counterpart, the Bomber squadron, except for its range, which is 9,000 metres instead of 8,500 metres.

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