Blueprints are schematics and construction designs detailing the mechanics of an advance piece of technology originally developed by the VEGA Corporation. Obtaining one allows you to build that particular weapon, equipment or ship.

Upon defeating certain NPC fleets, there is a chance that a blueprint piece is dropped. The tier of the blueprint is dependent on the level of the defeated fleet. You have to collect all of the blueprint pieces in order to be able to use the blueprint.

Blueprints are commonly used by players that obtain them, as they have usually have superior traits or more niche purposes than ones available for research. Complete blueprints can also be obtained via events.

There are also blueprint formations. They allow you to set what formation your fleets will start in before any battle even starts.

Blueprints in each tier are broken into sets, where players are required to have unlocked the majority of the first sets before obtaining the second sets. Some tiers may have up to six sets. Reappearances of blueprints on different tiers means they can be obtained from defeating fleets in a broader level bracket.

VSec Overwatch fleets were added on December 1st, 2014. They frequently appear for one-hour sessions, and will attack if you get too close.

The VEGA Security fleets are harder to defeat, due to their stronger weaponry, more ships in a fleet, and more advanced technology. The fleets comprise of Corinthian cruisers, Eagle frigates, Zeal battleships and Lance destroyers.

Alien Fleets also drop a very powerful alien blueprint in special events. These fleets are incredibly powerful and can only be defeated by higher level players.

Blueprints by Target

Event Blueprints

Any technologies that are not researchable or available in the VEGA cargo fleets or VEGA security fleets are event blueprints made available during feature events that happen on a monthly basis. Some exclusive weaponry can be obtained in Alien Mobilization events. Unlike standard blueprints, these blueprints are not broken into fragments and can be obtained as a whole.


  • According to KIXEYE, drop rates haven’t changed since blueprints were introduced. Considering KIXEYE's reputation, this is very likely a lie. 
  • Hitting higher level VEGA Fleets in each tier gives the player a better chance of getting a blueprint. For instance, in tier IV, a level 45 has a better chance at dropping a blueprint than a level 40.
  • If a player doesn't have any Tier I or II blueprints, attacking VEGA fleets that give Tier III blueprints won't give a player blueprints from lower Tiers. 
  • Players are guaranteed a blueprint drop after killing 15 fleets.
  • Blueprint system received a revamp, adding many new blueprints that were from riots to it in December, 2016.
  • On April 3th, 2017 a bug happened where all cargo fleets on the highest tier of the blueprint set would give a 100% blueprint chance

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