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Blood Amber

Overview Edit

Over the course of the VEGA Conflict, a resource known as Blood Amber was heavily sought by the VEGA Corporation and was the reason why they started their mining operations in the first place.

However, desperation to acquire the mineral started to grow, they attacked miner's bases in search for the Blood AMber. This is what spurred the main dispute in VEGA Conflict. It's also featured in the VEGA Conflict trailer, but at the time was an unknown, red-looking gemstone.

Prevalence Edit

Blood Amber in use as a whole is quite widespread, mostly used as a currency in the markets. The reason for this is because although a character known as Larus had defected from VEGA, he was still willing to buy your Blood Amber and exchange it for credits that can be used to acquire new technology and improve existing hulls. What he is subsequently doing with the Blood Amber is unknown...

Blood Amber is also known to have a level of psychological effect and Pyshical damage such as corrupting and subverting an entire army of Iron Star Company mercenaries into attacking their leader, Keres VII. This formed the Amber Army lead by Bishop, that lead on to attack the Miner Rebellion as well.Or having a entire arm removed (General Geir) due to its immensely harsh effects it takes onto the human body.Many high ranking officials mostly associated with blood amber have strange facial looks and blood amber growing out of the skin.

Algol is also known to collect Blood Amber from rebels and subsequently destroying it. He describes the Blood Amber as a curse and as a material that must be vanquished. Blood Amber is somehow connected with Aliens as Algol claims that they have "picked up the scent" as the key reason why they are invading sectors.

The Demon Corps is somehow allied and even controlling the Aliens and Blood Amber is involved in a way. General Geir, the leader of the Demon Corps was once part of a Blood Amber experiment which explains his grotesque appearance.

A ship known as the Blood Raven is crusted with Blood Amber crystals.

Gallery Edit

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