The Blister Rounds increase the hull damage of explosive weapons by adding fragmentation ordnance to the warheads."
  — In-Game Description 
Blister Rounds I II III
Mass 25% weapon mass 38% weapon mass 51% weapon mass
Health Damage +30% +40% +50%
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Scorched Earth (Store),
Nemesis (Store),
Alien Decimation (Store)
Complete Blueprint
Curr. Available in
Sector Strike (Store)
Tech Lab Required VI VIII X
Time 2h 47m 00s 6h 01m 30s 7h 30m 00s
Helium-3 2,440,613 5,402,370 6,699,000
Antimatter 813,538 1,800,790 2,233,000
Blister Rounds

Blister Rounds Icon


Blister rounds is a booster to Explosive weapons and was available in the event Scorched Earth. They vastly increase the armor damage of your explosive weapons.

This special has seen limited action due to its exclusiveness to Demon Corps ships and the amount of competition of powerful setups on Demon Corps ships. As Demon Corps ships become more common, this weapon booster can see a sharp rise in popularity.



Blister rounds has a tenacious advantage dealing extra damage against armor. Due to how heavily armored most ships are in high level combat, Blister Rounds proves to be extremely effective in higher level PVP against both base and fleet targets. This in term makes them very desirable for every Demon Corps hulls due to its shear damage increase with no penalties in comparison with the ion modulator.

They are seen combined with Manifold missiles most frequently on Covenant cruisers, inflicting tremendous damage with each volley of missiles.


On battleships, volatile fuel is often a more effective choice than blister rounds, players cannot equip both without sacrificing a thruster and incurring massive increase to their weapon's mass of two +51% weapon mass increases. Volatile fuel is more effective; it greatly increases the speed of explosive missiles and torpedoes and hence the speed they eliminate targets as well as a massive increase to the explosive radius, inflicting damage to entire groups of ships.


Blister rounds can be very versatile. Here is a list:

  • Tornado Frigate: Tornado Frigates will immensely benefit from Blister Rounds, as Fissure torpedos are prime weapons for frigates with potent firepower. With blister rounds, battleships and destroyers will be destroyed with ease as the additional armor damage, as well as bonus shield damage and bonus damage will decimate them in a matter of seconds. The Tornado frigate with Blister Rounds can be extremely deadly even to cruisers with Blister Rounds as cruisers often have high amounts of armor. They are highly effective on the Tornado Frigate and will immensely boost its combat effectiveness when equipped.
  • Covenant Cruiser: Covenant Cruisers benefit greatly from Blister Rounds. Reverb rays are more popular weapon of choice so Covenant cruisers with SICO missiles or Manifold missiles aren't as common but still brutal in both against ships and bases. As cruisers are mainly short/medium ranged ships with more durability than other ships, they can decimate both ship and base targets rather quickly at such ranges.
  • Basilisk Cutter: Basilisk Cutters can benefit from Blister Rounds, but is rare.. Players often choose Manifold missiles or Frenzied Scatter missiles if they desire explosive weapons on their Basilisk cutters, but these are heavy weapons making them rather uncommon in combat.
  • Damocles Destroyer: Although not very common, blister rounds can also be effective on the Damocles destroyer particularly against base combat. In base combat, they can be quite deadly with Arc missiles. They can tear apart modules at a shocking pace with the immense splash damage and armor damage. Bases often have far more armor than shields, making blister rounds even more effective.


  • Unlike many event specials this special only has 1 buff and not multiple.
  • This is the first armor damage bonus ever released.


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