The Blast Shield is a ship shield that takes reduced damage from Explosive weapons and recharges to full strength over time.
  — In-Game Description 
Blast Shield I II III
Blueprint Fragments 4 5 6
Blueprint Tier Tier I Tier II Tier IV
Mass 60t 360 1,080
Defense 90%
Resists Explosive
Shield Energy 120 720 2,160
Recharge Rate 12 Energy/s 72 Energy/s 216 Energy/s
Requirements Shockwave Shield III Shockwave Shield IV Shockwave Shield V
Time 1m 30s 7m 1h 23m
Helium-3 301,271 1,041,501 5,982,338
Antimatter 0 0 1,495,858
Repair 2m 12m 30m
Blast 123

Blast Shield I,II and III Respectively


Blast Shields is a shield, blueprints of it can be found in rebel cargo fleets level 20-27 and VEGA cargo fleets level 30-37. It is resistant to explosive weapons. They are extremely rarely used, if seen in use, they are typically on carriers or destroyers equipped on high level fleets. Recharging shields are only effective if you are able to take control of a battle and take advantage of the shields recharging effect.

Recharging shields do not replenish after being depleted. They only recharge after ten seconds period where they do not take fire. They do not recharge if under attack. Hence, recharging shields are poor shield choices in direct combat.

Like the default Shockwave shield, they take 50% less damage from explosive type weapons. They are mostly used in base combat and on carriers to defend themselves against Bomber squadrons.

Strategy and Setup


Blast shields are effective if you are able to take control of a battle, retreating from combat swiftly to recover your shields. Such scenarios are typically rare.

They are effective on ships in base combat that are used to draw away enemy turret fire while destroyers attack from long range. This is particularly suitable against Vector torpedo turrets and Plasma missile turrets. Most high level players generally prefer Metaphase shield III, an all rounder defensive shield.

Some players in high level combat equip Blast shields III on their carriers to recover from Bomber squadron strikes.


Blast shields, like all recharging shields should never be used in direct combat. Only when specific combat scenarios when players can make a full retreat to recover, indeed, this is the the only reason why you should prefer this shield over the default Shockwave shields. Even against explosive weapons, they can be quickly depleted.


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