Black Market ship resistors are ship resistors that are smuggled or stolen, hence, they are not researchable in the weapons lab but requires you to buy them from the credit shop owned by Larus.They come in credits of one and while either cost blood amber or coins.The Lv III version also rotates around in a 3-week cycle.Only Mk II hulls can equip these making hulls like the Osprey Frigate impossible to equip on.Resistors also ONLY add the resistance on the hulls armor not the shield making it more effective with the more armor your hull has


Energy Resistor

A resistor that can resist energy damage.

It is Best used on cutters as Reverb Rays devastate them.

They are not as used as explosive weapons have become a bigger threat.


Explosive Resistor

A resistor that can resist explosive damage.

Has a wide variety of uses and is mostly used on carriers to protect from Bomber Squadrons

They are currently the most used resistor.


Projectile Resistor

A resistor that can resist projectile damage.

It has a very minimal use but is best used on sniping destroyers as many projectile turrets will usually hit them.They also protect the Iron Star Company Hulls weakness when equipped with Skirmish Armor

They are currently the least used resistor

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