Bishop is the leader of the VEGA Security. He has lead many attempts to suppress the Miner Rebellion, but fighting both the rebels and the Iron Star Company proved too much of a challenge.

Bishop was to some extent effective in efforts in quelling the rebellion and managed to create the Amber Army, a large portion of the Iron Star Company's ships corrupted and made to fight for VEGA Security.

Ultimately, he was unsuccessful in fighting the uprising as more technologies were stolen, and the numbers of the rebellion grew. He increasingly became irrational and deranged before he was forced to retreat in the wake of a new faction, stepping in to crush the Miner Rebellion and Iron Star Company.


Bishop appears to be a VEGA Security chief working for the VEGA Federation. He has been placed in charge of VEGA Security, seemingly, and was responsible for leading VSEC fleets in events/operations: CountermeasuresReclamationEmergenceRevenge, all riots, and all VSEC patrols.

He is the primary antagonist after Bertram's downfall and the creation of VEGA Security to address the rebel threat. He, like most top VEGA officials or officers, cares little for the rebels and dismisses them as weak and useless. In Revenge event, Bishop claims to have captured Larus, and that the Iron Star Company failed their raids and had their leader killed in the process. That information was completely false, though, as Keres VII made first contact with the rebels after the event, and Larus' market remained open and completely unaffected.

Another thing to note is that the VEGA Security portrait seen when battling VSec fleets appears to be of his head.

Nearing the Zero Hour event, Bishop announces that VEGA Security is relieved of its duty, and Bishop is stepping down as its leader. Replaced by the Demon Corps. His current status is unknown, but he may be in vacation due to how mentally unstable he became during his stint leading VEGA's forces.


Bishop's appearance is never shown since he is wearing full body armor. He has red/orange eyes. During his operation, he took his role seriously and professionally, he is often calm and cool tempered, detaining rebel miners and such.

However, as his efforts became increasingly futile, he began to become impatient and made tactical errors because of his aggressive haste. Towards the end of his termination, he had become insane and rambled about a prophecy involving Blood Amber and the doom of the Miner Rebellion in delirium.


  • Bishop is holding a weapon highly similar to the Kriss Vector K-10 in his portrait, a US manufactured sub-machine gun.