Binary Thrusters are designed especially for fast, evasive ships. They combine the advantages of rear and strafe thrusters.
  — In-Game Description 
Binary Thrusters I II III
Mass 6% ship mass 9% ship mass 12% ship mass
Speed +40 m/s +60 m/s +80 m/s
Strafe +40 m/s +60 m/s +80 m/s
Turning -20% -26% -33%
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Backlash (Store),
Iron Blood (Store),
Crossfire (Store),
Special Event (Store)
Complete Blueprint
Curr. Available in
Planet Strike (Store)
Tech Lab Required VI VIII X
Time 17m 30s 1h 03m 00s 2h 30m 00s
Helium-3 224,928 975,605 2,179,800
Antimatter 24,992 172,166 726,600

Binary Thrusters I, II, III Respectively


Binary Thrusters further enhance your ship's maneuverability, combining rear and strafe thrusters.
  — Sybil 

The Binary thrusters is an event special that combines both Rear thrusters and Strafe thrusters for a cost of rotation speed. It was available in the event Backlash. They are rather rare, but sometimes seen equipped on frigates and cruisers.

Strategy and Setup


They are particularly useful for the cruisers and frigates. Cruisers with a wide firing arc rarely need the extra rotation offered by a Fusion thruster. Frigates high rotation doesn't necessitate the need of the rotation speed from the Fusion thruster either. Both these ship types could use an increase of strafing speed, high strafe speed means they can dodge projectiles more easily and maintain range advantage from close range or point blank ranged weapons.They also benefit well on sniper decoys as they need to dodge many projectile with either forward speed and strafing allowing more shots to be avoided.

Additionally, the Binary Thruster has a significant effect on the flight characteristics of the ship. It causes a significant increase in drifting during turning. This is a potential advantage over the more common fusion thruster as it does not slow down so much while turning. A ship equipped with fusion thrusters must come to a complete stop to make a sharp turn, whereas a ship with binary thrusters immediately starts drifting in the new direction. This is particularly notable against carriers. A ship equipped with fusion trying to flee from a carrier frequently gets caught as it turns about, whereas a ship with binary will maintain its distance much more effectively, potentially escaping the carrier without ever getting in range.


However the cost of rotation speed destroys many uses for this weapon has battleships rely on rotation to get far back at a start of a battle. Cutters usually do not need strafe and need to rotate more. Destroyers will not benefit from this thruster in FvF as they become easier to circle around. The very instances where they seem to come in handy they are often out preformed by the Fusion Thrusters, Armored Thrusters, and the Allahu Akbar. They also are heavier then the Fusion Thrusters, making valuable mass on lower level hulls more limited then when equipping Fusion Thrusters.


The use of this weapon can vary between situations but they are mainly good for this:

  • FIll out tomorrow see ya



  • This is the second hybrid thruster

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