Bayonet Missile   Bayonet Missile Turret

The Bayonet Missile is a unique Explosive weapon developed by the Iron Star Company. It is capable of penetrating multiple targets, causing explosions as it goes.
  — In-Game Description 


Bayonet Missile I
DPS 24 Ex 30 Ex 40 Ex
Mass 465 t 634 t 995 t
Range 2,500-4,500 m
Speed 1,600 m/s
AoE Radius 400 m
Spread 18 deg
Piercing 3
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 0.0 / R: 5.0 / N: 1
Traits Proximity Trigger
Restricted to Iron Star Company
Hull XP 4,697 XP 6,079 XP 7,274 XP
BLUEPRINT CompleteBlueprint
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX
EQUIP ModuleRefit
Time Time 54m 30s 2h 12m 30s 4h 49m 00s
Helium-3 Helium3 1,094,698 2,535,690 5,670,480
Antimatter Antimatter 193,182 845,230 1,890,160


My surviving scouts have reported on the performance of the explosive weapon they were using. The damage output is comparable to the Arc Missile, though its ability to pierce targets makes it uniquely dangerous. I wish we had more ships equipped with them.
  — Keres VII 

The Bayonet Missile is a unique Explosive weapon with the ability to pierce multiple ships but is restricted to Iron Star Company Hulls.

It fires three orange orbs in a fixed spread that goes through ships, causing a decent explosion with every hit.

Strategy and Setup


Bayonet Missiles can cause multiple explosions with their piercing ability. When used in conjunction with AM Warheads or Volatile Fuel, the resulting explosions have potential to devastate tightly-grouped enemies. Those who get hit close to maximum range often suffer from two explosions: the initial hit and the final blast as the orb reaches its maximum range.

Bayonet Missiles have a rather large spread, this makes it extremely difficult to dodge all three torpedoes, especially when the enemy is controlling a group of ships.


Bayonet Missiles have poor damage output on paper. Considering that its damage is split between each torpedo, this means that enemies take very little damage from individual hits.

Bayonet Missiles have a large minimum range and are helpless against fleets that get close. Their maximum range is too low to fight against longer-ranged weapons such as Vector Torpedoes and Arc Missiles.


  • Discounting the unreleased Piercing NET Torpedo, the Bayonet Missile is the only Explosive weapon available to players that has a piercing effect.


VEGA Conflict Python Mk I basing with Bayonet missiles Test

VEGA Conflict Python Mk I basing with Bayonet missiles Test

Demonstration of Bayonet Missiles in FvB