Basic Cargo allows a ship to carry more resources when deployed.
  — In-Game Description 
Basic Cargo I II III IV V
Mass  20t 40t 60t 80t 100t
Cargo Capacity 5,000t 15,000t 45,000t 135,000t 405,000t
Ship Lab Required I III V VII IX
Prerequisites --- --- --- --- ---
Time 8m 34m 2h 23m 7h 06m 16h 21m
Helium-3 6,700 103,600 493,240 1,443,870 3,181,635
Antimatter 0 0 25,960 160,430 561,465
Time 2m 00s 4m 00s 9m 30s 21m 00s 43m 00s
Helium-3 1,380 20,840 98,819 288,990 636,591
Antimatter 0 0 5,201 32,110 112,340

Basic Cargo I, II, III, IV, and V


The Basic Cargo is the only researchable cargo booster in the Ship Lab. It's commonly used by players on special fleets designed only to store and steal cargo.

Even with the superior version of the Xeno Armored Hold it is still used alot more as Xeno Division Hulls cost too much just to make a cargo fleet

Strategy and Setup


Basic Cargo is the cheapest and the second best way to get a ton of cargo capacity to a hull. Due to its cheap and easy costs its easy to build multiple cargo fleets in 1 day, something Xeno Armored Hold or the Armored Hold couldn't do.

Its also incredibly light and has no repair unlike before, thus even if someone destroys this cargo fleet you will only have the base repair time of your ship making it excellent for farming.


Though, in almost any other instance its not recommended to put on for hulls that need to fill all their special slots as war fleets usually do not need the extra cargo, and even then Armored Hold is better.

Like the above mentioned, if someone really wished to gain cargo and armor in PvP which is popular its outclassed by the Armored Hold and heavily surpassed by the Xeno Armored Hold.


You should try to have 2-3 Cargo fleets ready as they are very important for farming. A very popular and the most efficient way to maximize cargo is to have 6 Nighthawk Frigates Mk IV with all Basic Cargo V

Other cheaper hulls like Rancor Battleships also work aswell if you do not want as long of a build time.


  • Before any other Cargo boosters were introduced this was the only way to increase cargo.
  • Back then, cargo fleets had high repair due to the Basic Cargo having large repair times thus making them big wins when destroyed.

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