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Basic Cargo allows a ship to carry more resources when deployed.
  — In-Game Description 

Cargo modules.

Basic Cargo I II III IV V
Mass  20t 40t 60t 80t 100t
Cargo Capacity 5,000t 15,000t 45,000t 135,000t 405,000t
Ship Lab Required I III V VII IX
Time 1m 44s 3h 36m 4d 16h
Helium-3 24,839 1,192,251
Antimatter 0 0 0
Time 6s 2m 10s 10m 50s 5h 38m
Helium-3 745 8,943 26,824
Antimatter 0 0 0


The Basic Cargo is the only researchable cargo booster in the Ship Lab. It's commonly used by players on special fleets designed only to store and steal cargo.

Strategy and SetupEdit

Usually, players take basic cargo, and fit it onto Genesis cruisers or Rancor battleships or any cheap ships and use them to haul massive amounts of cargo after defeating VEGA Cargo Fleets. In addition, they're also occasionally brought into bases to steal massive amounts of resources from the resource-rich bases, mainly to do daily missions rewarding Blood Amber but occasionally also just purely for amusement or because the attacker is already dry on resources.

Mark IV frigates have three cargo slots and can carry the most resources, if you're willing to invest in crafting mark IV frigates purely for cargo hauling.

Aside from flagships, the highest cargo capacity ship in the game is actually a Mk V Basilisk Cutter.

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