Arrestor Beam   Arrestor Beam Turret

The Arrestor Beam heavily disrupts the operation of enemy engines, though it only works in close quarters.
  — In-Game Description 
Arrestor Beam I II III
Mass 540t 812t 1,220t
DPS 1 1 1
DPV 15 15 15
Range 0-2,750 m
Speed 3,000 m/s
Stasis 40% 60% 80%
Firing Cycle C: 4.0 / F: 10.0 / R: 1.0 / N: Infinite
Sound Effect Charging
Weap warm beam arrestor 01


Weap fire beam arrestor 01


Impact beam arrestor 01
Obtaining (Blueprint)
Complete Blueprint
Prev. Available in
Countermeasures (Store),
Zero Hour (Store)
Complete Blueprint
Curr. Available in
Planet Strike (Store)
Arms Lab Required VI VII IX
Time 1h 25m 30s 3h 42m 5h 35m 30s
Helium-3 1,694,960 4,341,353 6,563,595
Antimatter 423,740 1,447,118 2,187,865

Arrestor Beam I, II, and III, Respectively


Don't forget to upgrade your hulls with the Arrestor Beam. This energy weapon disrupts enemy engines and slows them down to a crawl.
  — Sybil 

The Arrestor beam is an event energy weapon. It was first available in the event Countermeasures. It has since been made available in Planet Strike. It serves as the ship counterpart of the Arrestor Beam Turret.

It fires a single, translucent, red beam at its target and maintains the beam for a prolonged period of time. It doesn't do much damage but slows all of the ships speeds by the stasis amount in level.

Arrestor beams are most commonly seen equipped on high level battleships, they are rather heavy, limiting their use.

Strategy and Setup


Arrestor beams cannot be dodged, the beam will latch onto the target, greatly impairing its movement while the beam is maintained. Fleeing targets can no longer flee and pursuing targets will be debilitated. This makes it easier to outflank or outmanoeuvre ships and attacking them from outside their weapon's blind spots.

Arrestor beams if equipped with high level focused optics can target ships from medium ranges, this is most common on battleships where it can target ships from long range distances and stasis them from afar, preventing them from approaching and firing.

Arrestor beams benefit most if you want to keep your enemies at a distance whilst you continually attack them from maximum range and ensuring they cannot approach closely.


However, the nerf of the Arrestor beam and the shifting meta ended up greatly hurting its use in combat. Firstly, its an energy weapon so when using this only other energy weapons can be used to get the maximum benefit.

It also is incredibly heavy making it hard to fit on battleships, other than that it suffers from the same beam problems most beam weapons have. Usually the multiple Arrestors will only target one ship making it hard to use for kiting.

It also got nerfed considerably in charge time as well as range making you have to keep the enemy in range for roughly 5s to get the full stasis amount which can make it incredibly hard to kite. Thus, the NET Torpedo is a much better option.


When using the Arrestor Beam always equip level III and Focused Optics V, since it is incredibly heavy try to only use long ranged energy weapon with it or short ranged high DPS weapons to maximize its effectiveness.

However, now after its nerf it isn't very effective anymore at slowing down enemies as it used to be. But it still can easily catch your opponent off-guard if you have cruisers or cutters with them. Its also really good for pinning enemies in place so your ships can catch up and do damage to it.



  • The Arrestor beam has the lowest DPS of any weapon in the game, even lower than the Pulse Ray I.
  • Prior before the "Grand Rebalance", the Arrestor Beam was a must as it fired much faster than today, often permanently stunning enemies once in range of the Arrestor. This ability made it so highly requested that it could even rival that of Fusion Thrusters.

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