Event Overview

Gather Combat data, arm your fleets.
  — Sybil 
New Carrier
With data obtained in the previous VEGA Security attack, Larus is able to build the Valhalla Carrier for the rebellion.

Event Quotes


This is Larus, Rebels.

Your strategy of "acquiring" VEGA technology has worked so far, but there's nothing like a home-cooked meal.

My goal is to create a rebel carrier even more powerful than the Ragnarok. I've made a lot of progress already, but I need more combat data to finalize the design. That's where you come in...

I think we understand each other. I'll keep in touch
  — Larus 

Good to see you again, Rebels.

You fought well against VSec and their Ragnarok carriers, but they really can't take a hint. I hear they're already preparing another deployment. It's not all bad news though: this is a perfect opportunity for you to gather more data about the Ragnarok and help me complete my carrier design.

Good luck, Rebels.
  — Larus 


Arms Race is the 8th feature event of VEGA Conflict.

This event is the first to feature ships in the event fleets with extended range, making battleships the only ones capable of outranging them.

Players found a way to earn easy event points by killing the 2 Corinthian cruisers and eagle frigate and then leaving the rest of the fleet, giving roughly 22k points if done on a 55.

This is the second event to feature the Ragnarok Carrier, and the first time both sides can use carriers to fight each other.

Event Information

END TIME 3:00 pm PST
START DATE Thursday, May 7th 2015
END DATE Monday, May 11st 2015
EVENT TYPE Attack VEGA Regiment Fleets
DURATION OF EVENT 4 Days Event Shop Closes Tuesday May 12th 2015

Event Prizes

Prize Name Amount of Data Cores
Wave Driver I Bomber Squadron I 50k Points (Tier I)
Wave Driver II Bomber Squadron II 250k Points (Tier II)
Wave Driver III Bomber Squadron III 750k Points (Tier III)
Valhalla Carrier 1.5M Points (Tier IV)

Fleet Layout

Vsec Regiment 27-55

Vsec Regiment Fleet: Vsec Regiment fleet supported by a carrier.



VEGA Conflict - Arms Race01:12

VEGA Conflict - Arms Race

Event Video


  • Arms Race is the 8th major event to occur in VEGA Conflict and the first to release a carrier-class ship as a reward.
  • This event is unique in that it is the first to feature ships with longer ranges then what is normally obtainable, making them near impossible to kite or out-range. This event was also the first to feature carriers with Squadrons that were near impossible to kill because their health was increased massively.
  • KIXEYE stated that the bug caused in Riot 5 (which angered many players) was because of a bug that caused the range extension to go into effect too early, making the Riot much harder than usual and causing outrage on the forums.


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