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The Arc Missile is a strategic Explosive weapon that fires in formation. It's also optimized for combat against shielded enemies.
  — In-Game Description 
Arc Missile I II III
Mass 559t 785t 1,166t
DPS 24 31 41
Range 2,800m-4,800m
Projectile Speed 1,400m/s
AoE Radius 500m
Spread 10 deg
Shield Bypass +25%
Sound Effects
Weap fire gmissile 01
Weap fire gmissile 02
Weap fire gmissile 03
Unlocking (Only obtainable in event Warfront)
Arms Lab Required VII VIII IX
Data Cores Required 50,000 250,000 750,000
Time 1h 20m 30s
Helium-3 703,919
Antimatter 124,221

General Edit

The Arc Missile is an explosive weapon that is optimized for combat against shielded enemies, and fires in formation for maximum coverage.
  — Sybil 

The Arc Missile is a ship weapon. It does explosive damage that can bypass 25% shields of the target. It was available in the event Warfront.

Arc missiles fire missiles in a conical formation and missiles are evenly spread out - not random. They are rare in combat and most often seen equipped on battleships.

Strategy and Setup Edit

Have your ships fire in perfect formation with the Arc Missile.
  — Event Store 

Advantages: Edit

Arc 2

Arc missiles launched

Arc missiles fire missiles in a unique pattern, spreading evenly, at their targets. Making them difficult to dodge and effective against grouped ships.

They have a very high amount of splash damage that can be further increased by antimatter warheads or volatile fuel, only a few weapons - like Plasma torpedoes - have as much AOE as the arc missile, greatly increasing the amount of damage inflicted to clustered ships, or for the arc missile, a line of battleships. The splash damage and spread makes them ideal for destroying groups of combat modules, particularly when equipped on destroyers. They can out range some of the more powerful base turrets, like SICO missile turrets. Target combat modules adjacent to each other to take advantage of the collateral damage when the combat modules are destroyed.

They have a innate shield bypass that can be further enhanced with spectral warheads, Valkyrie carrier or crafting upgrades on specific ships. Enemy ships will sustain more armor damage than usual, debilitating them until they are able to retreat for repairs.

Arc missiles are long range weapons and out range several common battleship weapons very slightly - 50m in base range, so 75m when modified. It can be said that the Arc missile is an upgraded variant of the Plasma torpedo, being lighter, more powerful, with a wider firing arc, less minimum range, greater maximum range, higher projectile speed and a more controllable spread. This makes it more versatile in fleet combat and base combat.

Disadvantages: Edit

Arc 1

Havoc wreaked by Arc missiles enhanced with volatile fuel

Arc missiles are quite heavy - far heavier than Vector torpedoes, which are used far more often than the Arc missiles since they are lighter and home in on targets. While Arc missile's spread pattern make it difficult to dodge at its maximum range, it is rare for all of the missiles to land on a target unless its a line of battleships - hence it never truly deals the maximum possible damage.

While the shield bypass is appealing, it does not actually decrease the time to kill a target unless it is lightly armored - if the armor is weak enough such that the target is destroyed before the shields deplete.

Arc missiles have a large minimum firing arc, making them unsuitable for close range combat, and causing them to struggle with medium range combat. The damage output in comparison with energy weapons is low, it must take advantage of the Arc missile's spread to be more effective than energy weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • The Arc missile is the first and only explosive weapon to have a shield bypass bonus.
  • It is the only explosive weapon to fire in volleys similar fashion to the Burst Ray.

Gallery Edit

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