The Apocrypha Cruiser is a menacing VEGA ship designed for lightning-fast assaults. VEGA hulls are known for their speed.
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The Apocrypha Cruiser is a strong, high level, tier four VEGA Mining hull. Blueprints for it can be found by defeating 40-45 VEGA fleets. It is also available in the Planet Strike event.

Apocrypha Cruisers are popular amongst mid-level players, more commonly seen in PvP as well as base decoy ships rather than fighting Sector Cargo Fleets. They are commonly seen upgraded through the crafting system.

Strategy and Setup

Apocrypha cruisers like all cruisers have a large field of fire. They feature two shield slots and four armour slots, they are well armoured and shielded and can sustain large amounts of punishment.

Further upgrading them increases more mass for weapons and armour. They also have armour increase bonuses and armour weight reduction bonuses. At MK IV, they receive an additional armour slot.

Before crafting system was introduced, they were very popular ships, very versatile at destroying NPC fleets and other players.

Battleships eventually succeeded them because of their superior, range, firepower and manoeuvrability.

While cruisers are far less prevalent, they are still quiet common in PvP, often seen fighting against other cruisers and cutters.

Apocrypha cruisers perform at peak performance when upgraded to MK V.


Apocrypha cruisers are strong ships when upgraded through the crafting system. Their bonus damage to cutters renders them as the powerful ships when it comes to destroying them. Apocrypha cruisers are most often seen fighting other cruisers or cutters.

They have significant amounts of armour and shielding, more than the Revelation Cruiser making them ferocious close quarters combat warships. Cruisers however lack the speed to put them in such situations.

Apocrypha cruisers function as an excellent base decoy. They can be equipped with up to 14000 armour, 10000 shield before calculating resistor's bonus damage mitigation. Such decoys make able to draw away fire from heavy base turret fire for prolonged periods of time.


Apocrypha cruisers having more armour and shields, means they have more repair time. Apocrypha cruisers are often greatly disadvantaged when facing a MK V battleship fleet, unable to escape or deal significant damage, they suffer high repair time. It is strongly recommended that a fleet of cruisers are escorted in a crowded sector scale battlefield.

Apocrypha Cruisers, annoyingly, have roughly half the cargo space of the Revelation Cruiser at first.

Grinding for crafting materials to upgrade the Apocrypha cruiser is quite a grind.


Apocrypha 1

A fleet of MkV Apocrypha Cruisers.

The most deadly weapon to use is the Reverb Ray with Focused Optics V and Fusion Thrusters III. This setup for a fleet of MK V Apocrypha cruisers along with a Ragnarok Carrier actually stands a chance at defeating MK V battleship fleets.

If you don't have Reverb rays, then other common weapons to use are Aurora Rays, Impulse Beams, Thermal Beams and Burst Rays. Some players configure their cruisers purely for close quarters combat with Ion Modulators, purely for dealing with cutters, others prefer Focused Optics V and Fusion Thrusters III so the cruisers are more effective at surviving a battle fighting a fleet of MK V battleships.

Apocrypha cruisers with SICO Missiles and AM Warheads V are common.

Base decoys: Metaphase Shield III, or Repulsor Shield III or Blast Shield III are ideal shields, choose recharging shields only if you think can take advantage of the recharging aspects of the shield.

Explosive or Energy Resistors are highly recommended. You can also choose between Strafe Thrusters V for dodging projectiles or 2x Armored Holds to further increase armour and the amount of resources pillaged.

Fill the remaining room with armour.


  • The Apocrypha Cruiser was used in October and November 2015 marketing trials by KIXEYE, where a free hull was given as a reward for buying higher tier coin packages.
  • The Apocrypha Cruiser originally only had 3 weapon slots, 3 armor slots, 1 shield slot and 2 special slots.
  • A weaker version, the Ezekiel cruiser, appears in level 30 antimatter and VEGA Cargo fleets.


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