Unobtainable Hull
Ancient Reaper
Weapon Slots 1
Squadron Slots 2
Cargo Fleets Levels Ancient Reaper Fleet 70-100

The Ancient Alien Reaper is a Much bigger and more powerful alien ship introduced in the event AXIS. They function similarly to flagships, keeping a distance and attacking from afar as well as summoning Alien Reapers to Defend itself.


The Ancient Alien Reapers are able to spawn normal Alien Reapers in the middle of a battle utilising a Wormhole Gate Type-R, potentially increasing the number of enemy targets on the screen. However, they only spawn 1 at a time.

However, the ability to spawn additional forces in the middle of battle makes them a high priority target, because there is no limit to the number of Reapers they can summon, meaning they can slowly overwhelm or whittle down the Player's Fleet if left unchecked.

In addition, they are armed with Plasma Missiles, capable of dealing a new damage type that can only be resisted by A.X.I.S. ships, making all other faction hulls vulnerable to the full brunt of their attacks.

Their Plasma weaponry seems to be long range, and they fire a barrage of plasma shots that are slow moving, but then disappear and reappear flying at a much faster speed, making them unpredictable and hard to dodge.

Ancient Reapers also carrier two Alien-type Ranger Swarms. Although they deal negligible damage, they can still prevent shields from recharging mid-fight.


  • The Ancient Reaper's Top section folds up like how a folded paper unfolds when it spawns a Reaper.
  • Many players complained about the sheer firepower and damage dealt by the Reaper's Plasma Missiles during the AXIS event.
  • Level 80+ Ancient Reapers used to only have one Ranger Swarm with 9,000 m range, but now they have two Ranger Swarms with 13,000 m range, in line with the level 60-75 ones.
  • Ancient Reapers can detect weapon arcs and strafe to avoid them. Fortunately, they are too slow to be problematic.


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