The Altairians are an older and far more advanced species than our own.
  — In-Game Description 


The Altairians are a race of technologically advanced aliens. They are currently embroiled in war, with the Heralds represented by Klavic fighting against the Oligarchs, led by Klavic's rogue sister Ny'tah. Their ships and weapons maximize the use of chaining, piercing as well as stasis weapons to devastating effect, bringing a whole level of power previously unheard of.

The Altairians however do come in peace, and offered to uplift the Miner Rebellion's technology to greater heights.


The Altairians were originally led by On-Wah. However, a growing subfaction known as the Oligarchs led by his daughter Ny'tah invade the Altairian Capital and overthrow him, plunging the race into a Civil War.

On-Wah's son, Klavic and the remnants of On-Wah's followers form the Heralds, seeking out the Miner Rebellion for help against the Oligarchs during Contact. Klavic explains to the rebels that his Heralds come in peace, and are currently embroiled in a conflict with the Oligarchs, a splinter faction led by his sister, Ny'tah. He offered them the blueprints for the Bastion Cruiser and its weapons in exchange for their help in warding off the Oligarch assault.

In Deadlock, Ny'tah asks Klavic and his Heralds to surrender and to turn over all technology they shared with the Rebels, but they refuse, infuriating her and forcing her to send more fleets to destroy them. In exchange for the help from the rebels again, Klavic offers them the blueprints for the Paragon Battleship.

Ships and Technology

The Altairian Ships are designed to counter the effects of various weapon mechanics, namely chain, pierce and stasis. They are also able to break through walls and force fields to a limited extent.

The Bastion Cruiser, a behemoth, has counter chain abilities, allowing it to reduce the number of targets that chaining weapons are able to hit. When its Firestorm Overload ability is combined with the Epsilon ECHO Cannon, its DPS is increased Tenfold, making it able to quickly destroy groups of enemies in one fell swoop.

The Paragon Battleship is the epitome of firepower, with Counter pierce abilities reducing the number of targets that piercing weapons are able to hit, and a Barrage Overdrive ability granting increased projectile speed, Shield Bypass and splash damage if enemies are detected in both firing Arcs, increasing its power massively when surrounded.

The Altairians also possess powerful shields and armor such as the Spectral Shell, and Resonant Armor.

The ALtairian ships are colored differently based on their allegiance. Altairian ships used by the Heralds are painted blue, whereas those used by the Oligarchs are coloured red.

Notable Figures

The Altairians are divided into two factions, The Heralds, who are allies with the rebels and the Oligarchs, enemies.

The Heralds are represented by Envoy Klavic, a proud Altairian representative of the Heralds, and speaker of the teachings of his ascended father, On-Wah.

The Oligarchs are led by Klavic's rogue sister, Ny'tah. She strongly opposes her father On-Wah's teachings, and is hell bent on destroying her brother and the Heralds.


  • The Altairians are the first Tier 7 faction.
  • The Altairians are split into two factions.
  • The Architecture of the Altairians was inspired largely by the Protoss from Starcraft.
  • The original name of the Altairians was Omegans.