Aliens are a nameless faction who are mysterious but powerful and feature technologies and ship designs starkly different all other factions encountered so far.

Their origins and motives are unknown. They are hostile to the Iron Star Company and Miner Rebellion. They do not attack any fleets allied with the VEGA Corporation.

They possess unique Alien Fleets that are categorized as offensive (Swarms) and defensive (Weapons) and have powerful alien bases that are far more advanced than rebels.


The Aliens appeared in a surprise attack across all sectors, invading through temporary unstable wormholes during the Incursion event.

Their attacks have persisted in the recent Alien Mobilization events that feature more powerful variants of their hives. They have also appeared in major events such as Search and Destroy. Ever since their appearance, they have been aggressively targeting the Miner Rebellion but do not attack their bases.

Since the Nemesis event, Alien forces have appeared in feature events, as well as Alien Mobilization and Alien Decimation events. Aliens appeared as a primary aggressor, along with the Demon Corps, in Vengeance.

As of Vendetta, General Geir can no longer control the Aliens and have waged all out war with the Miner Rebellion. With Geir's new "Power" they "hungered" and killed/corrupted Keres VII.

They also have a special virus when a subject is exposed to alien tissue while integrated with Blood Amber. The Blood Amber allows access to the Human brain for the aliens, this morphs the human into an insect like creature with a deformed body and gruesome mouth as they lose all sense of control. This caused the Colony 47 incident sparking Alien Outposts.

Ships and Technology


Large Hive Fleet 55

Example Fleet

These types of fleets were the first used, Aliens use Hives, Harvesters, or Reapers as their offensive force. The objects send massive amounts of Ranger Swarms and Gladiator Swarms and in later versions Photon Gatlings and Rift Beams. Their damage cannot be resisted by any shield.

Hulls that are classed Offensive usually need to be handled as if you are attacked by the aliens as they usually outrange or outspeed you. Alien Harvesters are unique as they are usually fought as a brawl but are still classified as Offensive.

The squadrons flank their targets and have immense scramble range, however some squadrons have shorter scramble range. The masses of squadrons inflict massive damage and can easily destroy lone ships that are unprotected against squadrons. The closer the target is to the Hive, the larger the swarm of squadrons become.

The Gatlings and Rift Beams also have a very high amount of range and usually attack your ships or destroy squadrons on them. They cannot be dodged or evaded at all but can be exploited with proper shielding.


Unknown Barrage Hive 70-90

Example Fleet

These are the current fleets fought by the rebellion today, Aliens use second version Hives and Harvesters. which are highly defensive. Unlike offensive forms they have mainly high damage dealing weapons and a Stasis Field which means the player has to attack the hive. Their damage cannot be resisted by any shield.

Hulls that are classified Defensive usually need to be handled as if you attack them and they are defending. They posses massive amounts of firepower but have minimum range when nearing the hive.

The weapons have very high range and do massive amounts of damage which strip shields in a matter of a few volleys. All weapons on these hulls however have a minimum range arc which can be exploited using brawling hulls. If in close Proximity the hull will have little to defend itself and can be easily taken down.

Alien Bases

Unknown Outpost (80-90)

Example Outpost

These are the current most powerful bases in the game. They are found outside or inside the Colony 47 Infected Sector and have special icons telling which is an outpost. They have no agro and give 100% full of your cargo hold upon successful attack and not the usual 300%. They do not have the starring system either.

All but 2 Alien Modules have No collateral damage, the 2 that do are the Alien Citadel and Alien Energy Capacitor. The Alien Combat Modules have either Projectile or Alien weapons and are densely populated in the base. The Alien Pulsar Generators destroy almost all swarms coming to it in a short amount of time, and are seen commonly with other Combat modules. The Alien Mines can be destroyed with collateral damage and the Alien Citadel acts as the Bridge.

The base is usually split up with Mines guarding its edges and the rest split into densely populated clusters often with 1-3 Alien Pulsar Generator and many Alien Combat Modules along with a few Alien Energy Capacitors. This makes it impossible to minimize the damage done to only 1 cluster as they are so densely packed you can't go into one cluster without being fired by 3 others.


  • Algol cryptically has referred to the Aliens before, such as in the markets, he will say "I will never forget the sound of that place".

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