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General Edit

Aliens are a nameless faction who are mysterious but powerful and feature technologies and ship designs starkly different all other factions encountered so far.

Their origins and motives are unknown. They are hostile to the Iron Star Company and Miner Rebellion. They do not attack any fleets allied with the VEGA Corporation.

They possess unique Hive ships that possess extremely long range beam weapons, point defense Gatling rays and most notably, large swarms of squadrons.

History Edit

The Aliens appeared in a surprise attack across all sectors, invading through temporary unstable wormholes during the Incursion event.

Their attacks have persisted in the recent Alien Mobilization events that feature more powerful variants of their hives. They have also appeared in major events such as Search and Destroy. Ever since their appearance, they have been aggressively targeting the Miner Rebellion but do not attack their bases.

Since the Nemesis event, Alien forces have appeared in feature events, as well as Alien Mobilization and Alien Decimation events.

Aliens appeared as a primary aggressor, along with the Demon Corps, in Vengeance.

Ships and Technology Edit

Icon 941

Alien Hive

Aliens use Hives as their primary force. Alien Hives bear strange markings and have a metallic, dark and eerie green hull. The shape of the Hive ship is unconventional and appears more like a crystalline asteroid rather than a vessel. Hives store dozens of different squadrons that use exotic weapons of which their damage type is unknown. Their damage cannot be resisted by any shield.

Alien Hives rotate slowly and have no functional means of propulsion. They virtually cannot move in combat, however upon closer inspection, they move extremely slow.

The squadrons flank their targets and have immense scramble range, however some squadrons have shorter scramble range. The masses of squadrons inflict massive damage and can easily destroy lone ships that are unprotected against squadrons. The closer the target is to the Hive, the larger the swarm of squadrons become.


The Alien Harvester

During Alien Decimation, the aliens revealed their flagship-class vessel, the Alien Harvester. A massive warship with enough firepower to decimate entire fleets at once, as well as self-regeneration capabilities to repair all the damage dealt should the harvester survive the Rebel attack.

These harvesters have a large number of squadrons on board to deploy constantly during battle. They are also armed with a bast array of weapons. These squadrons are all destroyed when the harvester goes down. Some rebels, however, have been fortunate enough to recover intact squadrons from the Harvesters remains, allowing them to be fit to the rebels Freyja and Dominion carriers.

Icon 143

Alien Reaper

In Vengeance, the aliens introduced cruiser-like ships with speeds comparable to those of a cutter. These would swarm and encircle the rebel's fleet, sometimes pushing through the formation.

These new ships were soon dubbed the Reaper, given their tendencies to quickly sweep in and deliver swift demise to enemy fleets. Despite their strength, the rebels have been able to find ways to defeat them. They have also been observed to carry spare Ranger Swarms, which fortunate and powerful rebels have been able to acquire for use on their Freyjas and Dominions.

Trivia Edit

  • Algol cryptically has referred to the Aliens before, such as in the markets, he say "I will never forget the sound of that place".


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