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The Alien Reaper is a small, fast, and powerful alien ship introduced in the event Vengeance. They are designed to swiftly interdict and destroy their opponents, utilizing numbers, high maneuverability (around that of a Swarm Corvette) and medium stasis resistance (~50%) to annihilate their opponents.


The Alien Reapers attack with their onboard weaponry, and have medium range.

Numerous iterations of Alien Reapers have appeared before.

The Alien Reapers that first appeared in the original Reaper Fleets (Unknown Reaper Fleet, Reaper) had 2 different loadouts. 4 of the Reapers in the fleet were armed with Ion Cannon, and the other 6 with Boosted Discharge Beams.

With the introduction of Ancient Reapers, The Reapers in the Ancient Reaper Fleets have stripped down their armament and now only carry a single Vulcan Beam, acting as fodder to buy the Ancient Reapers enough time to get into position. The Ancient Reaper can also summon Reapers armed with 6 Boosted Discharge Beams to act as reinforcements.

Ancient Blitz Reapers summon multiple Alien Reapers with 2 distinct loadouts. Some Alien Reapers are armed with a single Gatling Ray, and the other Alien Reapers are armed with a single Discharge Beam. These Alien Reapers are generally not much of a threat, but the ability for the Blitz Reaper to summon multiple at a time makes them a huge threat in large numbers.

As of the Alien Decimation after Vengeance, the Reapers have medium stasis resistance, and thus cannot be slowed down significantly by stasis weaponry.

The Reapers were updated in the Vendetta Event, the fleets receiving a new formation, and the Reapers themselves were given increased health. The change in health is rather minimal though, and their weapons remain the same.


The Alien Reapers' AI causes them to rapidly close with and then encircle the players fleet, though they have been seen to suddenly dash through the fleet on occasion. This means that their damage is spread out among all targets.

If the Alien Reapers bunch up, this can be to the player's advantage, as this allows Area of Effect weapons, like explosive weapons and the Nova Ray, to do full damage to groups of Reapers.

High DPS weapons are essential, as they take down the Reaper ships faster, thus reducing the amount of damage taken.

Cruisers supplemented by a carrier and Battleships are recommended when fighting fleets consisting of the Alien Reapers. Cruisers to tank the damage, battleships to maximize on firepower with dual firing arc.

Like all Alien Hulls, the Reapers do not have shields, and thus Demon Corps Ships with Blister Rounds will greatly help in taking down the Reapers quickly and efficiently.

Reapers have abnormally large collision boxes, making them troublesome as the push ships out of formation. However, it also leads to groups of reapers running into each other and trapping themselves in place.