Alien Pulsar Generator
Alien Combat Module Low Level
Faction Aliens
Module Resemblance Combat Module + Terminus Mine
Weapon Armaments Anti-Squadron Shockwave
Squadron Armaments 0, 1 (Geir's Fortress)
Shield Possession No
Available in Outbreak

General Edit

This special variant of a Combat Module is rather unique. It does not have any direct fire weapons like its two other variants, but instead has a mini fast-firing shockwave (Range: 1750m, AoE: 2500m) that is designed to repel squadron attacks. It has been observed to deal thrice as much damage to squadrons when compared to ships.

It can also attack enemy ships but the range is so short that any ship weapon can outrange it.


Although, barely a problem to hulls they are the biggest obstacles for squadron sending hulls as their shockwaves will destroy them too quickly for them to actually get damage into it. This can make any carrier rimming strat worthless as the little damage that does go through will take too long to actually make the time wasted generally worth it, as Alien Combat Modules will also fire on your carrier as you send swarms.

For hulls, they are easily avoided with their small range. But, don't let your guard down as they are positioned around important structures. Carelessly bomb rushing them will result in heavy damage which is built up the more you sit in it, especially attacking the Alien Citadel, which will cause alot of extra repair time.



  • The Alien Pulsar Generator can be interpreted as KIXEYE's way of saying, "Actually attack, don't just use a carrier to get free points int the event"
  • The module can be seen as a mix of a Combat Module and a Terminus Mine.

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