Unknown Outpost 40-50

An Alien Outpost level 40-50


Alien Outposts are seen periodically in events, such as Outbreak where a sustained green wormhole appears and many level 40-50 Alien Outposts spawn around it. Inside is the Colony 47 Infected Sector where many higher level Alien Outposts are found. Alien Outposts are best taken on with Punisher Cruisers or Exterminator Destroyers as non-Xeno hulls can easily be obliterated whith the sheer firepower of the Alien Bases.

Alien Outpost (40-50)

Unknown Outpost (40-50)

The weakest of the bases, it is surrounded with easily destroyed Alien Mines. Inside are very weak Alien Combat Modules surrounding a Alien Pulsar Generator to prevent squadron rimming. Deeper inside is the Alien Citadel guarded by very little as the outer edges were suppose to defend it. It is very weak and easily taken out by non-Xeno hulls.

The strategy is to first rim one side with cruisers or destroyers and then rush into the Citadel, once cleared take out the other clusters of Combat modules 1 by 1 and you will emerge victorious.

They do not appear in the Colony 47 Infected Sector but outside the sustained green wormhole making it much more easier to get to.

Alien Outpost (60-70)

Unknown Outpost (60-70)

A more intermediate level base, it is much larger and surrounded with harder to destroy Alien Mines. Inside on the outer most edges are a few Alien Combat Modules surrounding 1 or 2 Alien Pulsar Generators for the same reason as listed above. Deeper inside the clusters become close and larger with more Combat Modules and inside where the Alien Citadel is, is heavily guarded. Many Alien Pulsar Generators also surround the Citadel making bomb rushes less likely to succeed.

The strategy is similar to 40-50 but Punisher Cruisers or Exterminator Destroyers are very recommended as they can do alot of damage before dying. It is advisable to rim the Outer most edges of 2-3 clusters and then moving into your opening attack the inner 1-2 clusters and then go for the Citadel. Remember to always stay out of the Pulsar's range as they can do heavy damage over time.

These actually appear in the Colony 47 Infected Sector and spawn along with level 80-90s, they are more common than 80-90 but it isn't very noticeable considering how many outposts are in the sector.

Alien Outpost (80-90)

Unknown Outpost (80-90)

The hardest level base, it is the same size as the previous one and surrounded with very little Alien Mines besides its back and front. It is densely populated with high damage dealing Alien Combat Modules and Alien Pulsar Generators in a very tight mix which is almost impossible to have only 1 or 2 clusters shooting at you when getting to the 2nd layer. The clusters are very similar to the level 60-70 version but have alot more modules than before.

The strategy is a must on the use of Punisher Cruisers Mk VI as a decoy as only they can tank as long. Then get highly marked up Exterminator Destroyers with the Shatter Driver and its variants. Start by rimming one corner of the base and slowly creep in from there. Bomb rushing the Citadel isn't recommended and it is advised to rim every corner before doing so.

These also appear in the Colony 47 Infected Sector and spawn along with level 60-70s, they are less common than 80-90 but it isn't very noticeable considering how many outposts are in the sector.

Geir's Fortress (90-100)

Geir's Fortress (90-100)1

This is the boss target version of the Alien outposts, and where General Geir and his guards are currently held in and thus should be taken on with extreme caution.

Bound to contain many Alien Combat Modules as well as Alien Pulsar Generators that is not the biggest threat. The Alien Harvester guarding is rather weak but the outpost launches many high health swarms at the player dealing significant damage.

The Fortress is also able to regenerate to full health if players are unable to eradicate it in the time they are given.

This target should be engaged with Punisher Cruisers with Xeno Disintegrator Cannons for maximum results.

Defeating this target however grants the player a lot of rewards. and will severely hamper Alien operations for sure, considering only a limited number will spawn.



  • Geir's Fortress are the most powerful bases in the game.

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