Alien modules are the structures/stations that make up the mysterious Alien Outposts found in the Colony 47 Infected Sectors. They are run by the Aliens but are staffed by infected researchers with the Alien Virus.

Unlike the Miner Rebellion Modules, these are either all damage dealing or collateral damage holding. There seems to be no research or Fleet Bay of any kind, suggesting that the Infected already know everything the Aliens know.

Alien modules will explode when destroyed, damaging other modules within 2 tiles. However, all modules except the Alien Citadel and Alien Energy Capacitor have negligible collateral damage.

Alien modules do not drop any resources upon destruction. Resources are granted when the entire Outpost is destroyed.

All Modules

Alien Citadel Alien Combat Module Alien Special Module Alien Mine Alien Energy Capacitor


  • The Alien Modules themselves are very weak, but in alien bases there are alot of modules grouped up to prevent a easy win
  • The Alien Modules were built by Infected staff, it is unknown how long it took, but considering the size of the base the virus seems to spread knowledge from the Aliens very efficiently.
  • The fact that there is no Fleet Bay may suggest that the base hasn't built any ships as of yet.