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Unobtainable Hull
Alien Hive
Icon 941
Weapon Slots 5 (4 Rift Beams, 1 Gatling Ray)
Squadron Slots 8 (4 Ranger Swarms, 4 Unknown Swarms)
Cargo Fleets Levels 40-70 Hive Fleets


These Alien Hives are the primary vessel used by Aliens, spearheading their attacks on the Miner Rebellion, they have appeared in great numbers through unstable wormholes. They appear in events such as Alien Mobilization.

Description Edit

Alien Hives attack their targets primarily with squadrons and have an extreme amount of range. There are subtle differences between the three types of squadrons - two of them have been released, the Ranger Swarm and the Charger Swarm. The squadrons are deadly and can very quickly destroy ships that are not protected adequately against squadrons with right weapons.

The squadrons all have a varying amount of range, but the number of squadrons drastically increases the closer their targets are. Players are advised to avoid approaching closer to Alien Hives closer than 7,000 metres. Alien squadrons do not travel directly to their targets, rather flank both directions before closing in for the attack.

Alien Hives are also equipped with weapons similar to Gatling Rays that can attack close range ships, considering they pierce through ships and tend to destroy squadrons that approach nearby. The Gatling Rays are fired from the green orb hovering on top of the Hive itself. Although they have long reloading time and have rather large spread, they can quickly rip ships apart. These weapons appear only in some Alien Hive ships in particular fleets, not all Hive fleets are equipped with them.

Alien Hives are also equipped with extremely long range lasers, which come from the 4 orbs that orbit around it. These have ranges that greatly exceed that of squadron scramble ranges, these weapons are less common and only appear on Alien Hive ships that require cooperative play.

Once the Alien Hive has been destroyed, the orbs disappear, hinting that the orbs with the weaponry is directly linked to them and are not separate entities.

Alien Hives first appeared in Unknown Signal Fleets in the event Incursion. They caught many people in shock and awe, they were extremely deadly and fleets attacking such fleets were unlikely to survive.

These hulls actually move but are extremely slow (around 5 m/s), making them seem like stationary objects.


A line of battleships are effective at eliminating squadrons launched from Hives. They must line up in a formation perpendicular to their charge towards the Alien hives, their firing ranges must protect a carrier.

The line of ships move towards the Alien Hive cluster until the carrier is in range to launch squadrons. The battleships defend and the squadrons attack until the Alien Hive fleets are destroyed.

Venom battleships are the bare minimum required to be effective at protecting squadrons. They must be equipped with Creeper torpedoes or Manifold missiles. Aurora rays and ECHO rays simply not effective enough.

Ragnarok carriers are strongly recommended but Valhalla carriers can be sufficient on lower level Hive fleets. Elite squadrons can be quite useful, even level I variants.

Fusion thrusters are not necessary but can help a carrier move into position more quickly.

Players can also use cruisers with Reverb rays, these are however sub-optimal as cruisers tend to absorb the damage and do not adequately protect carriers or your partner's fleet.

Do not charge head on into Hive fleets unless you are using some of the best ships available such as Covenant cruisers or Basilisk cutters with Manifold missiles.

Gallery Edit


  • This hull was never mentioned and was a complete surprise to every player.
  • Alien Hives used to have no weapons when they were first debuted.
  • This hull first appeared in the incursion event and the surrounding formation that the aliens used has been responsible for the destruction of many player fleets.

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