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Unobtainable Hull
Alien Harvester
Icon 237
Rangers 5
Chargers 0
Gladiators 5
Plasma Rays 2
Rift Beams 8
Photon Gatlings 2
Pulsar Shockwaves Triggers at 75%, 50%, 25% health and when the Harvester is destroyed
Harvester Fleets Levels 70-80 Harvester Fleets


Alien Harvesters are Alien capital ships, introduced in the very first Alien Decimation event. They're extremely powerful and very hard to destroy.

These ships have a whale-like shape, they're armed to the teeth with extremely powerful weapons, and can sometimes deploy various swarms to defend itself. It also unleashes a powerful shockwave triggered at certain points after taking a particular amount of damage.

Its looks don't deceive, being lethal and bigger then a Javelin Flagship.

When destroyed, these ships drop either Ranger Swarms, Charger Swarms or Gladiator Swarms, which can only be used by the tier five carriers. They're overwhelmingly strong. They also drop blueprints and a variety of crafting materials.

There is also a second version which has the Viper Missile and a Stasis Field like the Barrage Hive which is single player only.

Unlike other ships, the Harvester will fully heal if it's not destroyed in a single battle. They can be fought by two players at the same time.

First Edition (Alien Harvester)

It fires eight Rift Beams from its "spine" at extremely long range. These beams inflict continuous damage for 4 seconds; however, they can be blocked by other ships and take 3 seconds to reload, allowing potential shield-switching. There are also two hard-points on its "back" that fire piercing Plasma Rays in pairs, which deal much less damage. At close range, two Photon Gatlings start to fire on player ships with massive DPS.

They also unleash Alien swarms from its sides, namely the aforementioned Ranger Swarms as well as the close range Gladiator Swarms. These squadrons are no different to ones from Alien hives and will flank the player from both directions before closing in.

When its health is reduced to 75%, 50%, or 25%, it will start charging up a massive shockwave that takes 8 seconds to fire. Along with the impressive visuals, the shockwave inflicts decent damage - enough to deplete a good amount of Metaphase Shields.

When destroyed, it also releases a similar shockwave.

Second Edition (Unknown Barrage Harvester)

Very similar to Third Edition Alien Hives, it contains all the same weaponry as the First edition Harvester and is Singleplayer. They are very vulnerable when rushed but excel at long ranges. It has the usual Alien weapons and swarms. But the Eradication Beam has a minimal range arc in the middle of the Stasis Field.

However the Harvester now has multiple Viper Missiles Added on to it like Barrage Hives, they do massive DPS and quickly deplete shields and armor. It has a minimal range located Similar where the Rift Beam is.

They also carry a Stasis Field which slows you hulls so you receive even more DPS from the Harvester. This makes cruisers have a hard time reaching the Harvester as cutters do which usually damages the cruiser intensely.

They also contain Shockwaves which are the same as the First Edition.

Third Edition (Unknown Reaper Harvester)

Bearing somewhat of a resemblance to the Alien Reapers, it foregoes certain weapons in the Barrage and Alien Harvesters for a few new additions. It is armed with a long range version of the Reverb Ray, known as the Reciprocating Ray, as well as a frenzied version of the Ion Gatling, which has more range as well as damage. It also has Rift Beams which have a high amount of phased bonus, able to deplete a good amount of shields as well as armor at the same time. It also launches Gladiator Swarm Squadrons, though the number isn't as high as the normal Alien Harvester.

In addition, while it lacks the stasis field of its counterpart, its combat speed is extremely high, making it nigh impossible to run away from it unless fast ships like Cutters or Cruisers are used.

They also contain a Pulsar Charger  that trigger with every 25% damage dealt.


Use Covenant Cruisers with Manifold Missiles or Infernal Gatling Rays - other cruisers can suffice, but Covenant and Heretics should be used for best results. Just ram the Harvester. Expect your fleet to be almost completely destroyed at the end of battle, if you are doing 80s. If you are doing 70s or 75s you might be able to survive to do multiple.

Dominion carriers can destroy level 70 Alien Harvester variants, using cruisers or battleships to destroy squadrons and absorb damage from the Harvester's lasers and projectiles. Recharging shields are required. Gladiator Swarms are immensely helpful as well. This usually results in minimal damage sustained if executed correctly, players need to destroy squadrons and shuffle their ships as they recharge their shields. On top of that, their fleet needs to be moving to stay away from the Harvester and be mindful of their piercing projectile weapons that could delay shields from recharging.

However, the kiting tactic is extremely hard to pull off.

For the Barrage Harvesters, it is recommended to use a decoy to take a bit of damage as the weapons do have a lot of reload time, buying you some time to close the distance.

For all harvester Variants, Punisher Cruisers with Xeno Disintegrator Cannon are recommended as they are able to survive the vicious onslaught of the Harvester weapons as well as deal out a significant portion of damage.



  • They're currently the most powerful starship in the whole game.
  • It is difficult to pin down the exact firepower and armor on the Alien Harvester as it was being constantly changed throughout the event, particularly at the beginning.
  • The Reaper Harvester was the first level 100 target to be added to the game.

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