The Alien Energy Capacitor stores energy for base operations. When destroyed, the energy within radiates outwards, causing collateral damage.
  — Fan-made Description 


The Alien version of a Storage Module, but it does not seem to hold any resources. However, they do have a decent amount of collateral damage and should thus be targeted first as they will drastically decrease the health of any nearby Combat Modules, allowing you to finish off a cluster of them faster.

This module, besides the Citadel, is the only one to have significant collateral damage.


It is advisable to target these modules first in a base hit as they will deal massive damage to the surrounding structures. Taking the large version out will greatly drop the health of surrounding turrets, allowing you to easily finish them off and thus limit the damage you take.



  • Destroying an Alien Energy Capacitor does not actually give you any resources, despite its similarity to a resource storage module.