Event Overview


VEGA is transporting experimental alien technology through the sector.

Attack VEGA, Demon Corps and Alien fleets to reveal the Alien Harvester.


Alien Decimation is a recurring event and a very special event as it includes 4 phases throughout the event This event, unlike many other events does not include a base attack, thus intel can only be acquired by farming the fleets.

Alien Decimation is a sector-wide event making coordination and teamwork valuable as the sector must kill a certain percentage of the phases threat to move onto the next phase. A bar is shown to tell the sector how much the sector has moved in that phase.

Phase 1 fleets are flagships escorted by 4 extremely fast Demon Corp Escorts. Phase 2 is similar to normal events in which Demon Corp Reclaimers will spawn out of planets and travel to wormholes in convoys. Phase 3 is simply Aliens spawning out of Unstable Wormholes similar to the event Alien Mobilization. Phase 4 introduces the Alien Harvester. 1 Harvester (lvl 70-80) will spawn out of each unstable wormhole and when killed will stop anymore alien fleets from spawning from the wormhole it came from, along with this, there is a 10 minute time limit in which you have to kill the harvesters. Once phase 4 is over it, simply repeats the cycle. None of these fleets drop blueprints, a first for a event this large.


  • Phase 1: Suspicious Cargo fleets spawn in a level range of 40-70, each with 4 escort fleets, either at or +/- 5 the Suspicious Freighter's level. The spawn from wormholes and travel to planets. When attacking the freighter you have 3 minutes to complete the fight, and when attacking the escorts you have 2.5 minutes, if the fleet is Level 60 and above you have 5 minutes. If victory is not achieved the fleet will warp away, and players won't be able to stop them unlike the hive fleets. Escorts will attack player fleets like Vsec, they have a small aggro range and long trigger time, but they are near impossible to escape as they travel as fast as a frigate fleet. However, unlike normal escorting fleets, and because of their slow response time, they can simply be bypassed to directly attacking the freighter, or by alternatively using a fleet outside of the range of the escorts. The goal is to kill the central cargo fleet as this aids the sector completion bar, the more cargo fleets killed by the sector, the faster your sector reaches the next phase. Depending on the sector, this may take a long time.

  • Phase 2: Demon Corps Reclaimer fleets spawn in a level range of 40-70 from planets and travel to wormholes in convoys, like a normal event. 2 types of event fleets with spawn: Co-op and Single player. Single player fleets are more o' less event fleets with some difficulty. Co-op targets are much harder and very hard to beat alone. A person on both your friendly lists should engage the fleet with you as they are extremely difficult. These fleets do not give out any kind of blueprint when you kill them. The goal is to kill a set percentage of value in the event fleets to aid to the sector completion bar, The more fleets killed by the sector, the faster your sector reaches the next phase.
Demon Corps Reclaimer: A Demon Corps fleet scanning the sector for lost technology.

  • Phase 3: Aliens spawn from levels 40-70 from Unstable Wormholes and travel to wormholes in convoys. Just like phase 2 these fleets have Co-op and Single player variants. The Single player variants contain 2 Alien Hives which only have "Gatling rays" equipped. The Co-op targets however are extremely hard to take down for one player and usually would need a friendly to aid in the combat. This fleet contains 3 extremely powerful hives which also contain lasers and "Gatling rays", and bear resemblance to the Large Hive Fleets in Alien mobilisation. However, unlike the 65-70s only possessing the lasers and gatling ray, all levels have it. The goal is to kill a set percentage of value in the hive fleets to aid to the sector completion bar,the more hive fleets killed by the sector, the faster your sector reaches the next phase. This set percentage is the smallest out of all the phases. These fleets also agro within a 10 level range of itself and are slightly slower then a fleet containing a carrier.

  • Phase 4: 1 Alien Harvester from levels 70-80 spawn out of each Unstable Wormhole. They are extremely slow and have no agro whatsoever. These harvesters are co-op targets and are effectively impossible to solo. The Alien Harvester in combat is incredibly hard as it contains not only insane squadrons, but moves at a speed faster then a Ragnarok Carrier. They also contain around 7 lasers and around 7 "Gatling rays". Along with this at around 75% HP and every 25% HP down they begin to charge a high range explosion with a 7s warning and a red circle which slightly is shorter then the actually explosion range. This explosion does quite a bit of damage and is incredibly hard to avoid. The Alien Harvester has a time limit of 6 minutes unlike the standard 5 minutes. Once defeated they will drop Unknown objects, intel, and either a level I, II, or III Alien Squadron. It has been reported that Harvesters will NOT give squadron item loot if defeated after the Harvester Phase timer has expired, even if the battle was initiated while the Harvester Phase was active.

Alien Squadron dropped during 1st decimation: Ranger Swarm

Alien Squadron dropped during 2nd Decimation: Charger Swarm

Alien Squadron dropped during 3rd decimation: Gladiator Swarm

Alien harvester 70-80

Alien Harvester: A capital-class Alien ship with regeneration capabilities.

Phase Update

As of February 7, 2017, Alien Decimation now consists of only 3 phases instead of 4. The Decimation has been reworked. Phase 1 consists of the standard Alien Hives. During phase 2 the Hives will still be there with the Unknown Reapers or the new alien fleet introduced in the feature events of that month(Note: If Decimation is hosted before the feature event of that month, the new fleets will not be in that Decimation).Phase 3 has the Reapers and the above mentioned introduced fleet along with Harvesters. The update Alien Decimation page can be found here:

Event Prizes

The following table applies to the cost of every Alien Decimation prize shown:

Prize Type Amount of Intel
Classic Tier I 35,000
Classic Tier II 140,000
Classic Tier III 350,000
New Tier I 50,000
New Tier II 200,000
New Tier III 500,000
ISC Hull (Built) 800,000
Demon Corps Hull (Built) 1,000,000
Pattern Strongboxes 900,000
Core Strongboxes 350,000

This event is the first (of several) to re-introduce past event Prizes along with introducing new prizes. These are different depending on which Alien Decimation has occurred and which prizes KIXEYE decides to re-release or introduce.

The first Alien Decimation's prizes are as followed:

Returning Prizes Amount of Intel New Prizes Amount of Intel
Reinforced Rails I Bayonet Missile I Impulse Beam I Gatling Ray Turret I 35,000 Elite Squadrons I 50,000
Reinforced Rails II Bayonet Missile II Impulse Beam II Gatling Ray Turret II 140,000 Elite Squadrons II 200,000
Reinforced Rails III Bayonet Missile III Impulse Beam III Gatling Ray Turret III 350,000 Elite Squadrons III 500,000
Vigilante Battleship (Built.Limit is 6) 800,000
Covenant Cruiser (Built.Limit is 6) 1,000,000

Originally the Nova Ray was supposed to be also released but was replaced with the Impulse beam and Gatling Ray turret for unknown reasons.

The second Alien Decimation's prizes are as followed:

Returning Prizes Amount of Intel New Prizes Amount of Intel
Blister Rounds I Skirmish Armor I SICO Missile Turret I 35,000 Nova Ray I Targeting Computer I 50,000
Blister Rounds II Skirmish Armor II SICO Missile Turret II 140,000 Nova Ray II Targeting Computer II 200,000
Blister Rounds III Skirmish Armor III SICO Missile Turret III 350,000 Nova Ray III Targeting Computer III 500,000
Python Cutter (Built.Limit is 6) 800,000
Hellfire Battleship (Built.Limit is 6) 1,000,000


Pattern Strongboxes

Pattern Strongboxes:
In Alien Decimation there is only one faction in which you can purchase patterns for:Demon Corps.

When purchased you will get a Mk II, III, IV, and V pattern for the hull you wanted in the strongbox. Pattern Strongboxes are separate purchases in the event store and only 2 can be purchased for each hull.

Demon Corps Pattern Strongboxes will offer patterns for the: Covenant Cruiser, Damocles Destroyer, and Tornado Frigate. They cost 900,000 intel for each strongbox


Core Strongboxes

Core Strongboxes:
In Alien Decimation there are 5 T5 core types you can purchase: Cruisers, Battleships, Cutters, Destroyers, and Frigates

When purchased you will get a 2 T5 cores for the hull type you wanted in the strongbox.Pattern Strongboxes are separate purchases in the event store and only 3 can be purchased for each hull type.

Core Strongboxes will contain T5 cores for:Cruisers, Battleships, Cutters, Destroyers, and Frigates


Fleet Values


Fleet Level

Amount of Intel Received
40 3,800
45 7,600
50 15,187
55 22,782
60 31,462
65 44,300
70 50,625


Fleet Level

Amount of Intel Received
40 2,500
45 5,062
50 10,125
55 15,187
60 25,312
65 35,437
70 50,625


Fleet Level

Amount of Intel Received
40 5,062
45 6,750
50 13,500
55 20,250
60 33,750
65 47,250
70 67,500


Fleet Level

Amount of Intel Received
40 5,821
45 12,150
50 24,300
55 30,375
60 40,500
65 56,200
70 81,000


Fleet Level

Amount of Intel Received
40 8,151
45 11,340
50 22,680
55 34,020
60 56,700
65 79,380
70 113,400


Fleet Level

Amount of Intel Received
40 8,733
45 12,150
50 24,300
55 36,450
60 60,750
65 85,050
70 121,500


Fleet Level

Amount of Intel Received
60 182,250
65 236,925
70 308,003


  • This is the first event to feature several phases.
  • This is the first sector-wide event.
  • This is the first event to feature the Alien Harvester.
  • This event also is the first event to feature a Co-op fleet besides aliens.
  • The Nova Ray was removed from the first Decimation because of a problem with the Pre-requisite requirements. It returned in the second Alien Decimation.
  • All point payouts were increased by 35% in the first Alien Decimation.
  • The VEGA Suspicious Cargo has a re-textured battle icon of a VEGA Official that looks of Asian descent or based off an employee of KIXEYE.



VEGA Conflict Alien Decimation01:56

VEGA Conflict Alien Decimation


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