The Alien Combat Module can carry turrets and is the backbone of base defense.
  — Fan-made Description 


The Alien Combat Module is the Alien version of the Combat Module. It can equip weapons to defend itself and the base and should be one of the primary focuses alongside the Alien Citadel, the Alien variant of the Bridge. Individually, each turret does not deal much damage, but they have strength in numbers.

Currently, there are 3 types of the Alien Combat Module.

The Combat Modules do not have high collateral damage, meaning each combat module must be taken down individually.

To compensate for their numbers, they do not have as much health compared to player Combat Modules.

When destroyed, you can see a human-like core of a Combat module, indicating the corruption as a result of the Alien infection.

Alien CM Type-AL

The Combat Module Type-AL is armed with the Rift Beam Turret. It can barely outrange a carrier.

They are usually not a very big threat to players attacking alien bases as usually only 1 will actually attack a ship, due to its short range. However, if one tries to rush in they will begin to join in and do heavy damage.

Alien CM Type-KI

The Combat Module Type-KI carries two weapons which are stacked on top of each other.

Firstly, it is armed with a hybrid variant of the AP Driver and Wave Driver Turret - known as the Puncture Driver - which fires shells with a built-in shield bypass, capable of piercing through up to 5 ships. These have slightly more range than the Plasma Beam.

Secondly, it is also armed with a short-range fast firing projectile weapon known as the Impact Driver that does not pierce, but is extremely fast and can home in on its targets.

They are the biggest problem in alien bases as many will fire on you no matter what in a attack, this can slowly drain your ships HP faster than you will anticipate if you don't try to shield any of your hulls.

Alien CM Type-PL

The Combat Module Type-PL is similar to the Type-AL one, but has some orange highlights and is instead equipped with a Plasma version of the Rift Beam Turret, called the Plasma Rift Beam Turret.



  • Alien Combat modules are very, very spread out in alien bases making long-distance travels very common after the Alien Citadel falls.