Alien Citadel
Alien Citadel1
Faction Aliens
Module Resemblance Bridge
Weapon Armaments Discharge Beam
Squadron Armaments 0, 4 (Geir's Fortress)
Shield Possession N/A
Available in Outbreak


The Citadel is the Alien version of the rebellion Bridge, and most likely runs the entire Alien Base making it contain the most percentage, stats, and intel in the base. It is however very armored and is well guarded by many Alien Combat Modules and Alien Pulsar Generators making it hard to attack.

It also has a couple of defensive systems. It is armed with 4 to 5 Alien beam weapons known as the Discharge Beam.

It also has its own mini shockwave similar to the Pulse Generator that is designed to repel squadrons.

When destroyed, it deals a lot of collateral damage, making it a priority target as taking it out first will decimate any nearby modules.


It is advised to not target the Citadel first thing when attacking an alien base as you will be bombarded in heavy fire, often leaving a hull or 2 destroyed. Players should instead rim a part of the base and then rush in through the opening, or simply rim the outer edges of the base and then go in. Don't worry as the Citadel won't fire on you if you stay far enough away.

When finally attacking the Citadel use the collateral as an advantage. take out a few Alien Energy Capacitors surrounding it and then attack the Citadel, the collateral damage will wipe the rest of the turrets off.



  • The Alien Citadel seems to look like the inside of an Alien Hive however it is much bigger than in the photo.

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